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My Day in Namur, Belgium

namur belgium

Continuing on with my European travels this summer, let’s go to Namur, Belgium!


My 35th Birthday Suite at Millenium Hilton NYC!

millenium hilton nyc staycation ideas
Me and the homey Nas

Last year one of my blogger boos Christina from LoveBrownSugar had a small birthday party at a super cute suite at the Carlton Hotel here in NYC. I joked to her that I was going to copy her idea because it was pretty darn genius. With a hotel suite you don’t have to pre-clean before guests arrive and you don’t have to do much cleaning up after they leave. And if someone gets a little too tipsy, you might even have room for them to sleep over. G-E-N-I-U-S.


A Day in Liège, Belgium…

montage de bueren liege belgium 2

OK, we’re back at it again with the European travel chronicles. Last we talked about travel, I told you about how GORGEOUS Brussels is and how I almost let fear keep me from experiencing such a beautiful city. If you missed any of my other European travel stories, check them out here.


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The Case for Having TONS of Prints of Yourself

the style and beauty doctor photos

So yes, in a way the whole having your picture taken all the time and published publicly thing that goes along with beauty and fashion blogging can seem a little self-absorbed, but you HAVE to hear me out on why I think you should be doing it even if you aren’t a blogger.


1 1/2 Days in Brussels

brussels belgium the style and beauty doctor

So now I really see the appeal in microblogging in real time while traveling—especially when you travel from city to city. I was in Brussels about ten days ago (although it feels like three months ago) and traveled to two other cities in Belgium and each city I traveled to was more beautiful than the last. Which makes things a little unfair to the previous cities because now my viewpoint is a little tainted. But I would say that I’d love to visit Belgium again to see even more and would re-visit all three cities again.