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My Düsseldorf Shopping Haul: H&M, GinaTricot, Drogerie Markt & More! [And Video]

dusseldorf shopping haul hm biker jacket danielle gray the style and beauty doctor
Gotta love my facial expression here…lol. A still from my haul video which you can watch below

So I spent four days in lovely Düsseldorf for Karneval partaking in festivities and getting to know the city. You can see everything about that here. One thing Düsseldorf is known for is its shopping—man, oh man is the shopping there good. Like I mentioned in this post, it’s an extremely walkable city—you can practically walk everywhere and what’s great about the shopping is that everything is pretty much all in the same area. You have your pick from high end designers like Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton to high street stores like H&M, Primark, and Office.


My Four Days in Düsseldorf, Germany for Karneval!

My leopard/cat makeup–I used the new Cover FX Contour Kit in N Deep to create this look :)

Around this time last year I was getting ready to head to my family’s home country of Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival to wine and party in the hot son blazing on the twin island republic. This year, I had the opportunity to try something different: Carnival or Karneval in Düsseldorf. I was part of a group of bloggers invited by airberlin to cover the festivities.


What to Wear to the Airport + What I Packed for A Short European Trip

Photo: Nasilele Photography

It’s tempting to just roll up to the airport in your jammies, but I really want you to not…lol. Yes, you want to be comfortable (I do, too especially since everything on me even my arms swells up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon float) but you also want to look presentable in case of things like potential first class upgrades, possibly meeting your soul mate, or shoot—you can even meet your next career opportunity. Can’t do that with PINK splattered across your booty…lol. So here’s a post on what to wear to the airport :)


And…I’m Out! Dusseldorf Carnival, Here I Come!

Photo: Nasilele Photography

Folks, yours truly is heading to carnival!!!! No, not Trinidad again (although that would have been amazing to get away from winter weather), but I’m heading to Düsseldorf, Germany for Dusseldorf Carnival with airberlin! The season began November 14th and ends on Ash Wednesday with some really fun parades. I cannot wait! I get to wear a costume—but not like the costumes you see when one plays mas in a place like Trinidad—more like Halloween costumes…lol.