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Listen, I Might Just Have to Move to Cuenca, Ecuador…

cuenca ecuador  IMG_4136
Overlooking Cuenca at Turi’s point of view

I got to experience the best of both worlds when I visited Ecuador for the first time last November: the rich history and culture of the country but I also got to have a taste of what life is like in two of the country’s cities. I had such a rewarding experience being in Quito (read about my travels here) and already have a few books on my Amazon list so I can read more about its history, but Cuenca has me wanting to retire right now and take up citizenship.


Things I Did and LOVED in Quito, Ecuador and Why You Should Visit


Back in November I was invited on a press trip to visit the cities of Quito and Cuenca. I loved both cities in different ways so I’ll give each one its own post. It took me some time to gather my thoughts about how SPECIAL this trip was and how I loved every second I spent in Ecuador (plus things like hosting events, the holidays, and other obligations kept me super busy). But now I have my thoughts together and want to tell you ALL about my trip to Quito and why this city warmed my spirit so much.