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My Day in Namur, Belgium

namur belgium

Continuing on with my European travels this summer, let’s go to Namur, Belgium!


A Day in Liège, Belgium…

montage de bueren liege belgium 2

OK, we’re back at it again with the European travel chronicles. Last we talked about travel, I told you about how GORGEOUS Brussels is and how I almost let fear keep me from experiencing such a beautiful city. If you missed any of my other European travel stories, check them out here.


1 1/2 Days in Brussels

brussels belgium the style and beauty doctor

So now I really see the appeal in microblogging in real time while traveling—especially when you travel from city to city. I was in Brussels about ten days ago (although it feels like three months ago) and traveled to two other cities in Belgium and each city I traveled to was more beautiful than the last. Which makes things a little unfair to the previous cities because now my viewpoint is a little tainted. But I would say that I’d love to visit Belgium again to see even more and would re-visit all three cities again.


Berlin Picture Post!

soul explosion berlin 2

OK—so much for microblogging daily…lol. My bad—by the time I would get in at night I’d be so tired that I’d put it off for the next day, and then you know how that goes. I’m actually now writing this from London on my way home to NYC. I had an 8-hour layover here (only four and a half more to go!) and bought a day pass for the American Airlines lounge. Wish I would have bought it when I first got to this airport though—the price went up $10 for the day pass AND I could have just eaten my lunch here. Plus it’s way more quiet in here and there’s some plush seating…lol.


Days 1 & 2 in Berlin!

birgit and bier berlin  2

My list of cities to possibly move to in case the American apocalypse comes (aka if Trump is elected president) has just gotten that much longer. After two days of pretty much non-stop activities in Berlin, I’d be more than happy to setup shop in the this continuously evolving city.


Days 1 & 2 in Hamburg!

elbphilharmonie hamburg 2
Outside the soon-to-be opened Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

So technically in real-time I’m in Berlin, but I’m having so much fun that I’m a little behind on my microblogging for this trip…lol. I need to tell you all about Hamburg while it’s still fresh in my mind and before my attention span starts to make the memories fuzzy.