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My Sleekest and Biggest Bun EVER + A Moto Jacket Outfit for Fall


I like big BUNS and I cannot lie.

I don’t want none unless it’s got BUNS, hun.

OK, now that I got that out of my system, we can proceed with this blog post.


Temple Hair Texturized Relaxed Straight with Closure Review

temple hair textured relaxed straight 2-4 copy

It’s funny, I went from having a hard time with my first closure to almost on my third one. I’m still on a weave break but wanted to give my full thoughts on the Temple Hair Textured Relaxed Straight hair I’d been wearing previously.


My 5-Year Hair Timeline

the style and beauty doctor hair

I’ve written about my hair tons of times on this blog (you can check it out here) but thought it would be fun to do a 5-year hair timeline post. I got inspired after posting this TBT post on my Instagram and Facebook—funny because it SURE doesn’t feel like that much time passed since I first took this pic but yep—it’s been FIVE YEARS! And then yesterday I wrote about a fun challenge I’m taking to combat dry winter hair, so I thought it would be cool to take a lookback at my hair over the years:)


My Life with a Full Weave and a Closure {Temple Hair Loose Wavy Review}

temple hair loose wavy with silk closure styled by tiffany daugherty
(By this stage my own hair had overgrown and pushed the closure back…lol)

The last five years have proved very adventurous for me and my hair. I had my last relaxer in July 2010, planned on doing a long transition that didn’t pan out, and met Gabrielle Corney, the hairstylist who would forever change my life when it came to my hair. I’ve tried out so many different styles thanks to her—I trust her so much that most times I go in her chair like “I don’t know what I want—do you what you think is nice,” lol. So when she suggested I try a full weave with a closure even though I was nervous as heck, I trusted her.


Blue and Green with ZERO Commitment: My NEW Hair!

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor indique fishnet custom colored

So I took my weave out (review is just about ready to go—I just need to add pics to the post—should be up really soon) and got a new ‘do! I hadn’t planned on wearing weave so much this year but with swimming lessons, working out regularly, travel, AND having a ton of photo shoots, it’s just SO much easier for me. I LOOOOOVE my hair but I’d rather run the risk of weave getting overkill with heat tools and all the things I need to do to be camera ready than my own hair. Since getting the weave out I’ve been OBSESSED with my hair. Like OBSESSED. I keep texting Gabi to tell her what a monster she created…lol.


How to Find a Great Hair Stylist Using the Internet

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor hair weave

The explosion of social media has changed many of our lives drastically. Yes, it might mean an extra 5-10 minutes before devouring into brunch because all the iPhone-photogs at your table are doing all sorts of acrobatics to get the perfect aerial shot of their plate to post on Instagram, but it also means great things for your hair. The other big explosion in social media, the natural hair movement not only meant a movement towards accepting one’s hair the way it grows out of the scalp but it also meant a movement toward the hair salons that kept us captive for hours on end because the theme was you could do your hair at home on your own. Thing is though, if you were struggling to do your own hair when you had a relaxer, chances are you might have a different learning curve when it comes to styling your kinks and curls. And since it’s been so long since you might have stepped foot into a salon, you might not even know what the good ones are near you. But then that’s where the internet and social media come back to help you out.