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Your Questions about Iceland and Travel ANSWERED!

How travel makes me feel…lol. Photo: Nasilele Photography taken in Brooklyn

I LOOOOVE to travel. It doesn’t even have to be some far away exotic location for me to have an amazing time—I have found adventure through staycations here in NYC, driving six hours up to the Adirondacks to hike and water bike, and going to Memphis on a solo eating tour among many places I’ve visited. Travel doesn’t always have to be some tremendous expenditure with magazine editorial pics posted to the Gram—all you really need is a good imagination and to be open to try new things. Ok yeah, having some money is also necessary but you definitely don’t have to be balling to “ball” on your travels.


Purifying Myself in the Waters of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

blue lagoon iceland 32
With Lara from Pretty Connected

If you haven’t seen Purple Rain, you might not get the pun in my title. Heck, I was barely 5 myself when it first came out but I have older sisters who kept me in the know. In fact one of them asked me if I was going to purifying myself in the Icelandic waters when I sent a picture of me posed in front of a glacier to the family group text…lol. Except, if given a choice I’d dive into the Blue Lagoon naked with a group of tourists watching with camera phones out than merely dip my toes in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Because: yikes.


6 SUPER AWESOME Things I Did in Iceland

Solheimajokull glacier in vik iceland

I’ve wanted to go to Iceland since FOREVER. I even contemplating doing a solo trip a year or two ago when I got an email about packages that included flight and hotel for around $1200. I REALLY, REALLY wanted to see the Northern Lights, but of course there is a lot more than the lights to see in Iceland and I had a tremendous time seeing and doing it all during my recent trip.