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Outfit Idea: Mint and Leopard

Mint is the color of the spring season and leopard’s been hot since forever, so why not combine the two for a fresh new look? OK, maybe not new, I’m sure people might have had the idea to mix mint and leopard back in…well, maybe the stone age. *shrugs*

So I put together three looks (and you can shop the looks, too!) featuring the duo. Check it out!


Totally Want Everything in the Zara April Lookbook Because Liu Wen is Rocking It!

I’d already written off Zara for it’s way too fast fashions (doesn’t some of their clothes seem like they were in such a rush to get it on the sales floor that they ripped it off the sewing machine prematurely?), but they sure know how to use one of my favorite models to get my eyeballs a racing. Seriously, Liu Wen and I are homies. OK, sure we never actually met and oh sure she’d probably call security on me if we did, but we’re totally homies.

*sets flame to Liu Wen restraining order*


Falling Back in Love with H&M

Back when the sole store in the U.S. was the one on 51st and 5th in Manhattan, H&M was like this huge incredible indulgence. Shopping at the flagship store was nearly impossible because quite often during peak times, folks were sandwiched together while furiously browsing through racks of high fashion inspired duds at really low prices. Then as the chain began to expand across the country, it kind of lost it’s luster for me. You had to know the “right” H&Ms to visit for the coolest clothing and even then you could still be left with poorly made mainstream garments that certainly exceeded the typical lower priced tags you initially saw when you felt the chain was your little secret. So I stopped shopping there as much. You weren’t getting me to buy a shoddy, overpriced sweater that some runny nosed kid and all of her friends would be wearing, too.


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HOT Designer Sunglasses to Check Out for Spring 2012

Gucci Spring 2012

While of course the clothing was the focal point at the spring 2012 shows, there’s no denying the accessories, particularly sunglasses, also had a shining moment on the runway. Take for instance these black square gradient shades from the Gucci spring 2012 collection (above). Can’t you just see yourself ducking into your favorite lunch spot or cruising around in your ride with these on? I know I sure can.


Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush Collection

O-M-G! As a blush lover, I CANNOT wait to see this new collection of 16 blush shades from Estee Lauder. Seriously, Estee really needed more bold blush shades. Just about everything else in their lineup is pretty awesome, but the selection of blush shades was weaaaaak until the introduction of this upcoming collection (you can also pre-order now on esteelauder.com).

Check out the deets…


Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection Pics and Swatches

My door bell rang about thirty minutes ago and when I saw what the package was, I literally stopped everything I was doing to rip it open. As an overzealous eager fan of the collection just after learning about it only a few days ago, I couldn’t wait to see what the Creme Rouge in Evening Rose and the Lipstick in Cherry would look like and thankfully the brand’s PR sent it over so soon so I could share with you.


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