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Having WAY Too Much Fun in Stockholm

stockholm junibacken
Posing at a shop near the Nordic Museum

I’m having waaaaaaay too much fun here in Stockholm. Between trying different restaurants, cracking jokes with my travel buddies, meeting new people, browsing all the Scandinavian furniture and home decor shops, and not to mention all the amazing street style I’ve been seeing, my #Summer16 is shaping up VERY well. And something I’m working together with Walgreens via the #MyWalgreensApp is going to make it even better.


Day 2 in Stockholm


You know, this microblogging thing is so genius (and shout out to my homey Tracy from Tracy’s New York Life for mentioning she was going to do it on her blog and also reminding me to keep mine short when I do them) because it’s like a little mini diary of my travels and then I don’t have to do this big undertaking to write one BIG blog post (or a series) long after I get back home. BUT see—the way my attention span is set up, I hope I can handle doing this, updating on social (especially Facebook so my family can keep track of my whereabouts), and also being in the moment taking things in. I’m super smart, but I can have the attention span of a three year old sometimes :/


I’m in Stockholm, Sweden! Here’s What’s in My Beauty Bag…

ecuador travel beauty bag

Folks, I’m writing this blog post from the future (I’m six hours ahead of EST..lol) in Stockholm, Sweden where I’ll be for the next few days before heading off to a few more cities around Europe. I’m here with Tracy from Tracy’s New York Life and we’ll later meet up with Terri from Tripping with Terri and Olga from Dreams in Heels—I met all three ladies during my trip to Ecuador last year and decided to continue to stalk them through Europe…lol.