Glamour’s Body Image Revolution

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Glamour magazine is urging you to join their Body Image Revolution in an attempt to celebrate all body types in the media. As you know, while most statistics say the average American woman is a size 14, most magazines, movies, and television shows primarily showcase women who are a size 2. So in the November issue of Glamour, there will be a shoot (the pic above is included) featuring seven full-figured supermodels.

I’m all for celebrating women of all sizes, after all, The Style and Beauty Doctor is is the premier style & beauty resource for women of all races, ages, & sizes. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a “us” vs “them” thing (the terms “real bodies” and “real women” irk me–all women are “real women”). The media needs to feature women of all sizes all the time–not just in “special” issues.

What are your thoughts about the Body Image Revolution? Tell me in the comments!

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A former finance girl, Danielle is a New York City based freelance writer and fashion and beauty expert. She's a Hofstra University and Fashion Institute of Technology grad with an obsession with fashion and beauty which she loves to tell you all about every weekday on her award-winning blog. Think of her as your style and beauty entourage all wrapped up into one bubbly brown package. Danielle's work and expertise can be found in print and across the web in Cosmopolitan for Latinas,, and more! She's also appeared as an on-air style and beauty expert on The Real, CBS New York's "The Couch" and WPIX11's Savvy Shopper segment.

16 Responses to Glamour’s Body Image Revolution

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  3. the terms “real bodies” and “real women” irk me–all women are “real women”. The media needs to feature women of all sizes all the time–not just in “special” issues.


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  5. Tara says:

    Honestly, I’m skeptical. I don’t want to be, but I am. While that’s nice that they’re showing models more representative of the average woman, I truly wonder what the models in the issue after this one will look like – will they be back to being a size 2?

  6. Ouidad says:

    It’s definitely wonderful to see women of different sizes featured in the mainstream media, especially when the portrayal is one of beauty. But you make a great point, Danielle, it’s important to continue showing all body types all the time in order to avoid that “us vs. them” idea.
    Linda from Ouidad

    • Danielle says:

      I can understand that on the runway they want to use a certain look so that the focus is on the clothes and not the model, but in magazines and other forms of media, bring on ALL the body types!

  7. Ouidad says:

    That’s so true. When it comes to runway couture it’s all about the high fashion. But magazines are for all of us so we should all be able to see a body like our own on at least some of the pages!
    Linda for Ouidad

  8. Danielle says:

    So I got this issue of Glamour in the mail today—the plus size model story is only 5 pages long and you have to go like 100 pages in the mag to see it…lol. Baby steps I guess.

  9. soulsisterrobyn says:

    Kudos to Glamour for doing this…. years ago, there used to be a magazine for big girls called Mode… I LOVED that magazine, but they stopped publishing. ALL of the magazines need to start showing women who are a size 12, 14, 16…. not just the size 4 girls….

  10. Danielle says:

    From the Vault: Glamour's Body Image Revolution

  11. tammy says:

    Im size 12/14 and these women look fab I think we need to see more definatly all the time along side with size 2,4,6,8,and all the other sizes. we are all real women. Tammy

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