Go Ahead, Honey: Take a Chance!

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(Ten extra cool points to the person who can guess where the blog title comes from)

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Life (and our wardrobes) would be so humdrum, so mundane if we all wore the same things all the time. The truly stylish don’t sit around on gossip sites just to copy a celeb’s look from head-to-toe. Instead they work with their body type and coloring and aren’t afraid to take chances. You can be one, too. Check out these quick tips on how to take a fashionable chance:

1. Know what works for your body. You will always look good if you wear garments that flatter your figure. Good news for you—I’ve done tons of posts on different body types you can use for reference. Just check the tabs above for “Dressing For Your Body” and then scroll down to find your body type. Note that you may need to take tips from different categories (i.e. if you’re petite and have big boobs, plus size with small boobs, etc.).

2. Think outside the box. Look at an article of clothing as having numerous functions. For example, a cute mini dress becomes a tunic when paired with leggings. Also, don’t get too bent up on gender when it comes to picking out hot pieces. I’ve found some really cool items in the men’s section (try the boy’s section if you’re on the smaller side).

3. Go crazy with color. Standard color combos like black and white are cool, but if you really want to knock ’em dead, try other non-obvious color combos like red and pink, navy blue and purple, brown and red, etc. The best way to come up with color combos that work is to break out a color wheel. You’ll find great combos from colors that are either directly across from each other (like yellow and violet), right next to each other (like red and red-orange), make right angles with each other (like green and orange), or go for a three color combo with a color that forms a right angle and another color across (like violet, blue, and blue-green)

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4. Go vintage. Most of the styles out now are really nods to the clothing of yesteryear. So go thrifting at your local consignment or browse ebay for funky jackets, bags, and accessories. Need some tips on how to shop vintage? Check out Recession Proof Style: How to Shop Vintage.

5. Rock a bold lip. A vibrant lip color can totally transform your look. Some bright lip hues I love from MAC include: Vegas Volt, Impassioned, Lickable, Girl About Town, Brave Red, Russian Red, CB 96, Morange, Lady Danger, Up the Amp, and Violetta.

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6. Mix prints. You can wear plaid with stripes, just make sure each print is in the same color family.

7. Accessorize. Funky accessories like a bright red bag, exaggerated platform shoes, fingerless gloves, leather bracelets with spikes, etc. add character and style to your outfits. The more avant garde the accessory is, the better for your wardrobe.

8. Confidence. True, this should be numero uno on the list since no matter how fly the outfit is, if you don’t have the confidence to pull it off, you might as well be wearing a potato sack.

Now go forth and be fabulous!

P.S. I’m a finalist in the HLMN Top 100! I’ll make the list if you vote for me 50 million times…lol.

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  1. Ha! I know this one! Coming to America – old lady on the subway smacking on her gum.

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  4. E.Jay says:

    Aww, I got beaten to the punch, but before I even read the blog entry, I got excited by the title, lol.

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