BECCA Foundation Guide: Help Finding Your Match

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It’s no secret, I love BECCA Cosmetics. Ever since I first tried their Stick Foundation and Fine Loose Finishing Powder about 5 years ago, it’s been nothing but good to me…lol. And I’ve been trying to get so many of you to try it out and add it to your foundation arsenal because with over 25 foundation shades, everyone is bound to find their perfect color. Only thing is BECCA isn’t available in stores everywhere and it’s hard to shop online for foundation especially if you’re not sure of what your shade would be.

So what I did was get the names of the shades some celebs wear from their reps. Others I kinda made guesses based on friends who I know their BECCA shade and trying to match them up with a celeb (i.e. Camille Winbush, Jill Scott, and Tasha Smith are all guesses).

If you wear BECCA, kindly list your shade in the comments and a celeb who is about your complexion.

My ultimate goal is to be able to match them up against MAC foundations–for instance I wear NW47 in MAC and I’m an Almond in BECCA. One day I’ll get this to be more inclusive.

Be sure to also check out the Colour Matching Guide on the BECCA site.

Nicole Kidman
Luminous Skin Colour: Sand
Concealer: Praline & Sherbert
Stick: Praline & Sherbert
Loose Powder: Bisque
Pressed Powder: Bisque

Luminous Skin Colour: Cashmere
Concealer: Praline
Stick: Praline
Loose Powder: Sesame
Pressed Powder: Sesame

Sarah Jessica Parker
Luminous Skin Colour: Nude
Concealer: Praline & Macadamia
Loose Powder: Sesame
Pressed Powder: Ginger

Jennifer Lopez
Luminous Skin Colour: Olive
Concealer: Honey
Loose Powder: Wheat
Pressed Powder: Wheat

Kate Winslet
Luminous Skin Colour: Cashmere
Concealer: Praline
Loose Powder: Sesame
Pressed Powder: Sesame

Penelope Cruz
Luminous Skin Colour: Olive
Concealer: Caramel
Loose Powder: Sesame
Pressed Powder: Sesame

Thandie Newton
Luminous Skin Colour: Bamboo
Concealer: Capuccino
Stick: Cappuccino
Loose Powder: Wheat
Pressed Powder: Wheat

Luminous Skin Colour: Sepia
Concealer: Maple & Pecan
Loose Powder: Spice
Pressed Powder: Spice

Vivica A. Fox
Luminous Skin Colour: Tobacco
Concealer: Syrup
Stick: Syrup
Loose Powder: Spice
Pressed Powder: Spice

Jill Scott
Luminous Skin Colour: Nuba
Concealer: Fudge
Stick: Fudge
Loose Powder: Cardamom

Danielle Gray (lol)
Luminous Skin Colour: Mink
Concealer: Almond
Stick: Almond
Loose Powder: Nutmeg
Pressed Powder: Nutmeg

Tasha Smith
Luminous Skin Colour: Cognac
Concealer: Chestnut
Stick: Chestnut
Loose Powder: Clove

Camille Winbush
Concealer: Chocolate
Stick: Chocolate
Loose Powder: Cocoa

Alek Wek
Concealer: Espresso
Stick: Espresso
Loose Powder: Cocoa

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20 Responses to BECCA Foundation Guide: Help Finding Your Match

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  4. JazzaBelleTress says:

    I was able to find BECCA in the Sephora near my house and I was quite surprised. I tried their waterproof bronzer and I was won over.

    • Danielle says:

      You were able to find BECCA in a Sephora??? OMG—where? I\’m super jealous—the one here in Times Square was like one of a few that sold it and they took it out like 4 years ago :(

      • JazzaBelleTress says:

        Lol…girl of all places I got it in the boonies!!! I got it in a suburb about 25 miles south of Atlanta. The selection wasn't too great but they had what I needed!

  5. Nicole says:

    I had a horrible experience at Plaza hotel matching my correct shade but Danielle your informative posts make me want to get back out there and find my correct shade. The Luminous Skin color in cognac fits me but still on the hunt for my stick foundation/ finishing powder. I am impressed by Becca's products thus far. So I am heading to the Duane Reade Look Botique @ union square I will keep you posted fingers crossed :-). Thank you again.

  6. Lara says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I'm going to hit up the local salon that carries it and try it on this weekend. I think i'm a chocolate. Having the pictures to match the shades helps so much! Keep up the great work Danielle :)

  7. Lisa says:

    BECCA is currently being sold at all the Duane Reade major locations :-)

  8. Danielle says:

    From the Vault: BECCA Foundation Guide: Help Finding Your Match

  9. Linda Mona says:

    HEY. I have been looking into becca lately. I am an NW47 as well and I was wondering is the luminouse skin color in mink too dark? or is it a good color match for you?. Also, the same question for the stick foundation in almond. Lastly is their powder really that good or do you think there are better setting powders out there?
    Thanks so much!!

    • Danielle says:

      OMG—so sorry I didn’t see this question! Mink and Almond are perfect matches for my NW47 skin. And I really do think their powders are really that good. I’ve used a ton of others, but this is one of my favorites so far :)

  10. bennie says:

    lmao , your picture in the middle-had me dyin! i mean, it was so unexpected. and you had this look on your face like: betcha didnt see that one coming. LOVES it!

    your blog puts a smile on my face! really needed one this time around

  11. Robin Watkins says:

    Hi hon. Great blog. I am trying to get just the right shade in foundatoon. I have the syrup stick, tobacco and topaz illuminator. I wonder if there is a shade like tobacco -which Matches my skin….but I don’t see the undertones. I need a but warmer. My undertones are yellow and red…HELP.please see my pic on
    owner of SO SEXY MAGAZINE

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