What’s Up with ASOS.com?

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UK online retalier ASOS, an acronym for “As Seen on Screen”, is a highly favored shop for fashionistas the world over. The company began in 2000 and is currently the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer.

But perhaps they’re too large. Issues like delayed shipments and little help from their email customer service (to my knowledge there’s currently no way to contact ASOS over the phone) have angered many fashion fans. Which sucks because the offerings at ASOS are just too cute.

I’ve ordered from the company many times before and just so this post is not an all-out bashing of ASOS, it wasn’t always so-so service. In fact, I’d say a good deal of my orders have gone through with smooth sailing, but when they go bad, boy do they go bad.

Earlier this year I ordered a sweater that took longer than usual to arrive and was damaged in transit. I alerted ASOS by email that I wanted a refund and would ship the sweater back to them. Really so much time had gone by from when I ordered it that I didn’t want or need it any more. Instead of reading my message thoroughly, I was sent a response saying they were sending me a replacement. When I finally got someone to understand what I wanted, I was told to simply refuse shipment of the new sweater. Fine.

So the new sweater comes some time in February and as I was instructed, I sent it back. I also had about a week prior sent back the damaged sweater via USPS with tracking. ASOS refunded me rather quickly with the shipping I paid, but it took them 3 months to refund me for the replacement sweater I never told them to send me because they hadn’t received it back yet. It was a back and forth battle and about a month and a half in ASOS stopped responding to my emails.

Fed up and with ASOS still ignoring my emails, I called my bank. I figured I probably didn’t have much of a case since most debit card and credit card disputes must be done within 60 days of the transaction. I was at 90. But thankfully my credit union still helped me out and within 2 weeks I got my credit back to my account.

But sheesh–who needs to go through all that?

Yet ASOS still has some really cool merchandise so I still continued to place an order every now and then. Recently I bought some pants that didn’t fit, and returned them to their new distribution center in Atlanta. I paid through Paypal this time. When I tell you the process was super easy and quick! I got an email the day they got my package and within hours I saw a credit to my Paypal account. Nice!

But just two weeks ago, I placed a $46 order of some Illamasqua goodies that were on sale. I received an email saying my items dispatched on 10/3/2010 and here we are on 10/15/2010 with no sign of my goods. *sigh*

And I’m not the only one. Right now on Twitter my buddies @lipstickfashion and @MakeupKimPorter amongst others are venting their frustrations with ASOS.

Sure not all things go bad at ASOS, but consistency is key for good customer service. It’s only but so far cool merchandise will get you.

Have you ordered from ASOS.com? What was your experience?

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26 Responses to What’s Up with ASOS.com?

  1. Joanne_ says:

    wow, my patience is too thin for all of that…no ma'am. I think alot of overseas merchants take a while to get to the states, I purchased from Dorothy Perkins one time and it literally took a month and a half to get here….BOOOO! But i must admit, the clothes are fiyah!! =)

  2. Tara Melissa says:

    I was psyched to find out that ASOS is upgrading their USA store (I guess all shipping would have been overseas) but when I tried to buy what I needed – sunglasses, since mine broke – it turns out they didn't ship those to the USA. They did, however ship to Afghanistan and Antigua (and virtually anywhere that wasn't the United States). Bummer.

  3. Melanie says:

    I’ve placed many orders with ASOS and have never had a real problem. One time, I was unable to track the UK leg of the package & contacted customer service. They assured me that the package was set to arrive by the expected date of delivery. It arrived much earlier than expected & I used standard shipping. Actually, in my experience, standard and express shipping outcomes are about the same – 3-5 days – & I live in NY. But recently, my friend ordered time sensitive items from the new US site and they have yet to arrive by the date needed & no tracking was offered. I thought it was a fluke but I guess not :-

  4. Chantal says:

    Deja Vu! Asos needs to get it together. They allowed me 8 days to receive my package got it on the 10th day… Just so the thrills in my dress could shred within the first try… First ever asos purchase, didn’t want to make it my last but with all these complains I’m starting to wonder…

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  9. Taylor says:

    I was going to order 3 pairs of earrings from ASOS today. I always see things I want from ASOS but then I fear it will take too long to arrive because it's international. When I saw the shipping/free returns to the U.S. last night I knew I just had to order tomorrow but now I'm afraid!

  10. Oh no!!! Say it ain’t soo!!!! I L-O-V-E window shopping at ASOS but I have yet to buy anything yet! I hate to hear all this bad news about them. I have yet to order from them yet but this truly disappoints me :-(

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  14. Carmen says:

    this is hogwash…and then they say I have to wait until 10.25. TERRIBLE. I am so pissed gonna log off of this post before I go ham……….but thanks for shedding light on the asos fuckery.

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  16. Jamiese says:

    I wish could say I'm having a great experience with Asos.com. The first few times I've ordered from the Asos, I didn't encounter any problems. I received my order relatively quickly and everything was all good. This time around things changed, for the worse. I placed an order back in September and guess what…… I'm still freakin waiting. There is no tracking number or anything I can use to find out where the order is. Through an email I was told to give them until Monday to receive the order. Unfortunately I don't believe it will be here. Okay I've waited this long what's another day. Come tomorrow though and the mail man hasn't dropped a nice little package in mail from Asos I will have to act a fool. Only through email because there 's no way to get a person on the phone.

  17. Hey Guys,

    ASOS Customer Care here…

    We are very sorry to hear the problems you have encountered.

    Should you need any help, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter

    Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ASOSHeretoHelp

    Twitter page: http: http://twitter.com/ASOS_HeretoHelp

    We will then try to assist you the best we can.

    All the best,

    ASOS Customer Care

    • Danielle says:

      Dear ASOS,

      First thanks for coming here to my site and leaving a comment.

      I as well as thousands of other fashion lovers adore your site because of all the unique clothing and accessories you offer at a click of a mouse. However, when people spend their hard earned money on a business they expect basic things in return like service. While I admit sometimes your company gets it right, you also get it wrong way too often. We just want consistency. It\’s in no way acceptable to tell a customer they should receive their purchase within 8 working/business days and then when the customer is waiting something like 15 working days, at least be proactive and let us know what\’s going on. Why wait for us to contact you?

      These just aren\’t one-off situations as you can see. There\’s clearly a problem somewhere that I really hope ASOS can fix soon. Many of us cannot fathom how a company that promotes having a US site can take so much longer to deliver our goods than their UK site did. I live in NYC and packages from all over the US only take 2 business days even with standard delivery to arrive. What sort of archaic delivery service is ASOS using to deliver our packages?

      I\’ve seen the pics of people who work at ASOS in ELLE UK and Harper\’s Bazaar UK just this past weekend showing off their own personal style. I\’ve also seen pics of celebs at parties celebrating your new US site. We get it–you\’re cool and we love your clothes, but can we get consistent service?


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  19. smh says:

    What timing. I recently sucked in by their promoted sale, forgetting the delivery issues I had with my first purchase back in April (paid for express shipping and still came late). Now I have 2 different orders that are going on 1 week late. Consumers may not be able to contact them via phone, but they do have a help forum that generally gets responses from ASOS consumer service reps. (http://community.asos.com). unfortunately their standard answer is "allow for delays from the courier" …. o_O (side-eye). Frustrating!

    • Danielle says:

      EXTREMELY frustrating. I still didn\’t get my order from 10/2 which also says it shipped on 10/2. My order from 10/9 says it didn\’t ship until 10/15. I emailed them to ask for a refund. This is ridiculous :(

  20. Kasey says:

    I ordered on Oct 1st and Oct 7th. Never received merchandise. They make you wait over three weeks after you have contacted them (if you even get a real person), and then they will deem your purchase(s) as “lost in transit”. I have received a refund via Paypal yesterday for my first order. I have to wait a few more days before I receive my other refund. They are unwilling to admit there has been a problem with US orders. It is very shady because I have asked for copies of my packing slips as proof that they were even shipped out in the first place and guess what?? They did not. I think with the launch of the US site, their stock was an issue and they did not ship out many items even though they said they did. Yes, I know, big statement and accusation, but why else are multiple orders NOT getting to customers? Check it our for yourself on their forum and facebook. They also moderate comments and sometimes erase posts by complainers. I kn ow because they have done so to me and three others I have been in personal contact with. Buyers beware.

    • Danielle says:

      Wow–Kasey–you ordered around the same times I did. I still have yet to get my order and no one else I’ve been in contact with has received there’s either. This is so crazy. And I don’t doubt that they’re deleting your comments. When I had an issue with them earlier this year, they stopped responding to my emails altogether. Ugh.

  21. oratile says:

    Guys, Asos might have the most to die for clothes but it really is too good to be true. I was charged an extra 30 euros on shipment which was never even specified in the final bill. Cancelled the order immediately! Still wait for the refund even today ( 3 weeks later), no ways to call them because they don’t pick up. They don’t even respond to my emails.

  22. kia (yummy411) says:

    Girl, I’m having issues (first time in about 5 orders though)… got to looking on the interwebs and your article popped up. I’m pooped. I used their label to return some goods. USPS is tripping, not updating the tracking. Then, they say they attempted to deliver the item, so it’s waiting to be picked up. Then the agent said it was being returned to the sending post office (as I don’t have my return address on the package). I hate shipping woes =((((( I just want my money back in my account =(

  23. Asos delivered my package to the wrong address, in a different city and is refusing to refund my order. I will never, ever buy from them again.

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