How to Buy the Fall Wardrobe of Your Dreams

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We’re all about the perfectly edited closet here at The Style and Beauty Doctor. It makes getting ready happen in a cinch and you actually wind up spending less on clothes when you have fewer pieces and can see your wardrobe better. The key is to buy only things you love, that look like they were made for YOU, and that can be worn a gazillion different ways for years and years. Then fill in the rest with shoes and accessories. So how does one exactly go about that? Check out my tips.

1. Shop for YOUR body type. As much as I love those cute frilly blouses with ruffles at the neckline, my DD chest just looks “stuffed” in them so I go for V-necks and other “open” necklines instead. And you know those cute pleated maxi skirts? Not for these juicy thighs, but give me a pencil skirt or similarly tapered style and I’m all on it. The point here is while there’s sooo many fashion choices out there, not everything is for everybody. It’s okay to pass something up no matter how fashionable it is if it just doesn’t work with your body type.

But how do you know what works for your body type? Check out the Dressing for Your Body category at the menu bar on this website. There’s TONS of posts for different body types and if you’re stumped you can always contact me.

I answer all style and beauty questions even if they don’t get posted to the site (if you sent me an email and never got a reply—especially within the last few days, please email me again as I had email issues and messages I thought were sent never went out).

P.S. Plus size is a SIZE and not a body type. Plus size women fall into the same body types (short torso, large breasts, hourglass, etc.) as other women, just in a larger size. Ditto for petites.

2. Know which colors are your best colors. Wearing colors that best compliment you can make your wardrobe look like a million bucks. The right colors will pop and make you look lively—the wrong ones can actually make you look dull and wear you instead of you them.

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Color palettes are basically broken down into four seasons much like the weather. For instance my best colors fall in the “Winter” season since my undertones are cool and there’s a significant amount of contrast between my skin tone and my hair color. True, vivid colors look best on me like deep teal, burgundy, reds, and other jewel tones.

You can find more info on color seasons and how to determine yours in What’s Your Season? and How to Choose Your Best Colors for Wardrobe and Makeup. Want to get on the color-blocking trend? Find out how to pair colors in The Color Wheel: How to Combine Colors in your Wardrobe.

These also help with picking out makeup colors, too :)

3. Quality is key. We all love fast fashion–who can resist looks inspired by the runway at a super low fraction of the price? But many times these pieces are made too fast and the quality starts to give early. I always like to browse stores way out of my price range so I can feel for quality and see what great craftsmanship looks like. Then I look for what comes as close as possible at retailers within my means. It’s also good to join the email list for stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Saks as they’re all known to have great sales at the end of season—you can find great pieces for next year.

4. Buy unique shoes and accessories. I’m a stickler for what I call “monster shoes”–mega platforms and 5 inch heels despite the fact that I’m 5’9″ flat footed. We know heels can really do a lot for the way our bodies are stacked—making us look taller and leaner. And if you can’t do a heel, wedges and platforms give height and are easier to walk in.

As for accessories such as bags, hats, and jewelry, search high and low for really unique pieces that fit your personal style. Remember scale though—larger body frames will call for larger accessories as smaller frames will call for smaller ones.

5. Don’t forget the statement coat. If you spend money on nothing else, dish out some cash for a few statement coats. Bright colors, interesting details (like an asymmetrical neckline, a belt, or fun buttons), and a perfect fit all make for a great coat.

The Style and Beauty Doctor offers many personal style and beauty services, including color anaylsis! If you live in the NYC area, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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    What do you do if your color palette is mixed? I am African American. I’m definitely an autumn but I can also wear winter colors like bright whites and jewel tones like emerald and rich blues.

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