Ask Danielle: Can I Wear Maxi Dresses in the Winter?

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My blogger bud Sherry Blossom sent over a slew of blog post requests (LOVE when you guys do this by the way, if you have some–contact me). In one request Sherry asks, “Can I wear maxi dresses in the winter?“.

YES! In fact, after chatting with the TODAY show’s Bobbie Thomas on Bag Ladies Radio back in September, I’m all about season-less clothing. My most favorite thing to do with not only my own wardrobe but when I do a Complete Personal Style and Beauty Revamp© with a client is to get the closet down to the bare minimums. Not everyone needs a closet filled with clothes. Despite my undying love for fashion, my closet is actually pretty small—all my clothes fit on a single clothing rack and I use my closet for storage of random things I can’t seem to throw away. If I can take a piece of clothing from my spring wardrobe and layer to make it fall-worthy, I’m happy as a pig in mud. I don’t own very many suits any more (donated them all but one after I left my bank job last year) but that’s another area where you want season-less clothing. See also Ask Danielle: How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe.

But since you asked specifically about maxi dresses, again–YES! You can slip a long sleeve tee under it and/or put a sweater over it, pull on some leggings or cable knit tights to keep your legs warm, then top it off with your fave boots and coat. Like so…

If you’re not feeling the layered look, there are many maxi dresses in heavier fall fabrics and long sleeves. Check some out in the widget below.

Have fun layering and maxi dress-ing!

If you have a style or beauty question, contact me. Some questions may appear on the site, but many are answered behind the scenes ;)

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10 Responses to Ask Danielle: Can I Wear Maxi Dresses in the Winter?

  1. I’m digging the zig zag print.

  2. Sherry Blossom says:

    LOVE!! Thanks so much for this! I now won’t feel guilty when I shop online or in a thrifts store and I see myself gravitating towards the maxi dresses and skirts. I am still trying to really get comfortable layering I always feel like I’m “wasting an outfit” when I’m layering. That probably means I’m doing it wrong lol! Thank you for answering the blog request!

  3. Lakiki says:

    Ehhh not sure how I feel about this!! Lol I think certain clothing should stay in certain seasons

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  6. fay says:

    Love the zig zag dress black jacket n beige jumper!!
    Where are they from? X

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