Xtreme Lashes Long Lasting Brow Pen: Are Felt Tips It?

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

Seriously, why didn’t brow pens come in felt tip form sooner? Xtreme Lashes (yep, they do makeup as well as fabulous lashes) recently launched their Long Lasting Brow Pen ($24 at Xtreme Lashes). It comes in two colors: Deep and Light.

The tip of the pen makes filling in sparse brows hairs easy–I love that it has a pointy tip so you can get precise hair-like strokes, but it’s also soft so you don’t injure yourself (because if I had a nickel for every time…). Anyway, Xtreme Lashes Long Lasting Brow Pen is also as its name suggests, long lasting. No need to worry that the brows you had in the morning will slide down to your nose by afternoon—it’s staying put.

I do wish they came in more shades. The Deep seemed to have a slight reddish brown tint to it, so a more neutral brown, a deeper brown, and even a black would be appreciated. On the lighter spectrum a step above the Light shade would also be ideal.

Now the million dollar question since we also covered Milani Brow Tint recently: what’s the difference? Well, I swatched and swatched, tested and tested, and other than the fact that Xtreme Lashes Long Lasting Brow Pen comes with a longer and thicker felt tip and the Deep is darker and more red than the Milani Dark Brown and the Light is slightly darker and has more brown in it than the Milani Natural Taupe, I saw no other huge difference. They both contain 0.04 oz of product.

So who should use a felt tip brow pen? They’re great for those who need to fill in sparse brow hairs. If you need to reconstruct most of your brow (little to no hairs), I still feel a traditional brow pencil or powder with angled brush is your best bet—the felt tip could look a little obvious.

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