NEW Milani Powder Eyeshadows (Plus Meet Its Breakout Star)

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

Even more new products from Milani! This time around the brand sent over their new Powder Eyeshadows ($4.49 each) for review consideration. The collection of shadows runs a pretty good range of colors and finishes. Each shadow comes in a pop-open little compact and is said to be silky-smooth and highly pigmented (though some individual shades are more so than others). Like most eyeshadows, you definitely want to use a base or primer underneath to prolong the wear because I noticed they tend to fade a bit after three hours without one.

Purple Shock is a soft, duo-chrome lilac with a slight blue undertone. It reminds me of MAC’s Veluxe Pearl finish shadows.

Tickled Pink is also a soft, duo-chrome but is a soft pink with gold reflects.

Just Perfect is a soft very pigmented bluish-green. The finish is very similar to MAC Veluxe Pearl.

Pearl is a soft metallic pearl shade that is also similar in finish to a MAC Veluxe Pearl.

Gold Dust is a metallic yellow-gold again similar in finish to a MAC Veluxe Pearl.

Caramel Brown is a metallic taupe that is…you guessed it…similar in finish to a MAC Veluxe Pearl.

Shocking Pink is a bold matte pink. It’s not as pigmented as you’d expect and takes a couple of layers to really get the color to pop (Quick tip: to get a color to really pop, use a base in a similar shade underneath).

Brown Stone is a matte chocolate brown. It’s easier to work with than Shocking Pink, but not the softest matte you’ll come across.

Olympian Blue is a bold teal matte that is very pigmented and shows up just as bold on as it appears in the pan.

French Vanilla is a matte light beige. It’s soft and pigmented, but can get a little chalky if you pick up too much product on your brush.

White Lie is a matte stark white. It’s soft, pigmented, and easy to work with.

The breakout star from this collection hands down is Pitch Black. It’s a deep, sooty matte black that is super pigmented and soft. You can easily create a smoky eye using just this one shade and you don’t even need an eyeshadow brush (use the index finger to apply and then the ring finger where you want to gently blend so you get a slightly faded look going towards the inner eye).

Bottom line: I’m pretty impressed with these $4.49 eyeshadows even though some are easier to work with than others. I definitely recommend picking up Pitch Black especially if you don’t own a matte black shadow.

These shadows will be exclusively available at select CVS stores.

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