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NARS, one of my favorite makeup lines, brings pops of cool colored eyes and amped up lips for its Fall 2012 collection. Let’s see what’s included!

High Society Trio Eyeshadow
A limited-edition trio for Fall 2012, the High Society trio consists of lavender, matte forest green and iridescent amethyst. The lavender shade looks like NARS D. Gorgeous shadow single and the forest green looks like the matte cousin of the shimmery green side of the NARS Blade Runner duo. And if you own the Marie Galante eye shadow duo from Spring 2012, I feel those shades will work amazingly with this trio. I really think this would look stunning on brown and hazel green-eyed beauties.

Vent Glacé Duo Eyeshadow
NARS descibes this as a platinum and silver smoke duo. This looks to be part of the NARS permanent line and while it looks nice, I wouldn’t call this a ‘must have’. It looks to be a satin version of Exotic Dance from the NARS Summer 2011 collection.

Stylo in Carpates, Atlanta, Koala, Nuku Hiva Eyeliner Stylo
Four (4) marker-like eyeliners are offered for Fall 2012. These eyeliners are felt-tipped like the liquid Aqua Liners offered by Make Up For Ever, are long-wearing and shaped for precise application.

Rouge Tribal Larger Than Life Lip Gloss
NARS continues to expand their pigment-packed and moisturizing Larger Than Life lipgloss range with Rouge Tribal. This appears to be a gorgeous vampy burgundy pearl gloss that you will probably have to fight a goth girl to get. Judging by the press photos it looks similar in color to Illamasqua’s Hermetic intense lipgloss. My only complaint about LLL lip gloss is the teeny tiny brush. If you have very full lips it can be quite tedious getting your lips covered with this gloss. The results are indeed worth the effort to say the least.

Outlaw Blush
The ‘Outlaw’ has come back to town! If you missed out on this gorgeous soft rose with golden shimmer blush as I did when it was first released, you will definitely want to haul this. NARS blushes are a cult product for dark-skinned women as well due to the translucent pigments (translation: doesn’t look ashy) and buildability of color. Not sure if Outlaw is back for a limited time or if it has joined the permanent range but better safe than sorry–haul it! For an even bigger color impact I recommend using this over NARS creme blush in either Lokuom or Constantinople.

Undress Me Multiple
The Undress Me multiple is making its debut for Fall 2012 to join the ranks of this iconic NARS product. Described as an ‘almost nude pink’ this looks a lot like Luxor without the irridesence. This looks to be a beautiful as a brow highlighter on darker skin, and a great cheek & skin highlighter on light skin. This definitely looks to be a cool-toned shade.

Autumn Leaves Lipstick
NARS lipsticks are iconic for a reason and for Fall 2012 Autumn Leaves joins the ranks of beautiful reds such as Red Lizard. This is described as a ‘glistening brandy’ and probably has a satin finish to it.

More Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil
This auburn-toned color joins this line of beautiful lip gloss pencils. While the velvet gloss lip pencils are very comfortable on the lips, I prefer the matte lip pencil and wish they had brought out a new shade.This color looks neutral enough to suit all skintones.

Amsterdam Pure Matte Lipstick
NARS is really pushing the reds for Fall 2012 and the addition of this garnet red rounds out the lip offerings. This is another one of NARS’ formulas that I adore. Pure Matte lipsticks are packed with color, look very sophisticated, and are insanely comfortable on the lips. The slim profile makes it very small-purse and travel friendly.

Storm Bird Nail Polish Nail Polish
If you remember Galion from the Fall 2011 collection, this one will look slightly similar. Billed as a ‘stormy grey’ it looks a lot like Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Stormy. It is a nice color but if you already own Galion I wouldn’t be anxious to haul this color.

NARS Fall 2012 is scheduled to be released at on July 15th and a few weeks later at the likes of Nordstrom, and

Will you be adding anything from NARS Fall 2012 to your wish list? Tell me in the comments!

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  8. Suzanne says:

    At the NARS counter right now because of this post :)

  9. Bought the outlaw blush, gracias!

  10. You’re welcome, Suzanne Fortepr! Outlaw blush was part of my first ever NARS purchase. I even remember the woman who sold it to me at Sephora…lol. I bought that plus an eyeshadow duo :)

  11. NARS Cosmetics is a true fave. Can’t live w/out Sweet Charity Lip Lacquer and Mata Hari blush.

  12. Farah Fields via Facebook says:

    I need that gray nail polish in my life. Fall is my favorite season!

  13. Check Out the NARS Fall 2012 Collection via @StyleNBeautyDoc

  14. Nadege says:

    I NEED Rouge Tribal!!

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