YSL Touche Eclat Goes One Shade Deeper (Review and Swatches)

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First, can we acknowledge my pic-taking skills as of late? I got a DSLR about a month ago and all of a sudden I think I’m a photographer taking all kinds of “abstract” images of makeup on deconstructed NYC streets. SMH. I’ll be pulling out my Terry Richardson glasses in a sec. But in a much less creepy way.

I’ve been a faithful card-carrying YSL Touche Eclat #4 Luminous Toffee user for about the last three years. There’s a reason why one tube of these creamy highlighters in a pen is sold every ten seconds across the globe: this stuff is LEGIT. Even with its awesomeness, I hadn’t broke mine out in a while because like any other beauty junkie I feel the need to try 50 million other things, too. *SIGH*

Anyway, so while doing my usual Sunday rounds at Sephora this past weekend, I stumbled upon a new shade, #7 Luminous Mocha. Oh…by the way, don’t expect the shades of Touche Eclat to get darker as the numbers increase. They don’t work that way. In fact I have NO clue how they go about numbering them because #8 is waaaaaay lighter than #7, #6, #5, AND #4. I’m imagining someone with a heavy French accent in YSL Beauty production proclaiming “Our numbers need not make sense! We are YVES SAINT LAURENT” or something like that.

But can we talk about how milk chocolately (with a honey undertone) Luminous Mocha is? Its name is even screaming for those of us of the darker persuasion to get into it. Like if this were the 80s and someone asked me what my play name was, I’d say “Luminous Mocha”.

Touche Eclat is meant to brighten and illuminate just about any area of the face but is most widely used under the eyes. While #4 Luminous Toffee gives my eyes a notably brighter appearance, #7 does so in a more subtle way (though if you’re darker than me you’ll get more brightness). Plus because of the honey undertone it also covers my disappearing–but-still-here hyperpigmentation. I like!

But let’s get some thing straight about what Touche Eclat can and cannot do: it is meant to highlight. So if you find yourself normally needing a heavier concealer (nothing wrong with that—it happens!), then this is not a replacement for that. If you have very textured skin, Touche Eclat can settle into your lines and tell on you.

I would SO post a pic of it on my face, but I look B-U-S-T-E-D today, but felt the need to get this post out as soon as I could…lol. I have a series of gender reassignment procedures to undergo today in preparation for my big reveal in NOLA so I promise once I’m done chasing beads after I touch down in the Big Easy that I will plaster my mug across these internets with it on. Make sure you like my Facebook page though as I often pics there, too. Plus it’s a really cool place to hang with some HILARIOUS characters (seriously, look at the comments on the LeToya Luckett/Michelle Williams pic).

Bottom line: This is definitely worth a swirl if you’re a darker beauty who just couldn’t find a fit before in the Touche Eclat range. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly version of this, the only one I personally like is Sleek MakeUP Luminaire Highlighting Concealer—they don’t have a shade to match Luminous Mocha, but they do have a pretty decent range that spans from light to fair and is eerily close to Touche Eclat you’ll have to keep checking the tube to make sure you didn’t get YSL instead. The only downside is you have to pay for UK shipping.

Get Touch Eclat at any of the retailers below:

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  7. Alexis says:

    Reading this post has just reminded me that I have a few of these laying around that I need to use! I use to be obsessed with this stuff! Looks like you have rekindled my obsession!

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  9. califabulous says:

    i use shade 4 as well and i love it! i recently ordered a replacement during the Sephora VIB sale and they sent me shade 6.5… I noticed that #4 is no longer carried in store so I ordered online. I’m wondering what is going on with YSL and the new touche eclat shades and if 6.5 replaces shade 4?? idk…shade 4 is still at nordies and on the ysl website so i’ll just get it there… i am waiting on a reply from sephora to find out exactly what happened. toodles!

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