FINALLY a BB Cream I Love…

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

BB creams typically get no love from this beauty blogger. Sure, a multipurpose product that combines skincare, SPF, primer, and foundation/tinted moisturizer sounds alluring enough but most brands don’t carry a shade deep enough (and excuse me, but just about every brand I love has a match for my NW47 skin, thank you very much) and then when I do come across a BB in my shade of chocolate (pronounced chock-o-lat), it’s just a greasy, ashy blend of wrongness.

That is until Sleek MakeUP Be Beautiful Blemish Balm ($13.99/£8.99) walked into my life. Of course my favorite British high street makeup brand (don’t let the word “high” fool you; it’s code for inexpensive) would be the ones to bring me BB bliss.

So what makes this my HG of all BB creams? First of all the Dark shade is a perfect match for my skin tone. Second it touts a fuller coverage than you see in most other BB creams—truth be told, my skin kinda rocks and even I couldn’t get down with the superlight coverage of other BB creams. Like are they making them for angels or something?

Anyway, here’s Sleek MakeUP Be Beautiful Blemish Balm on me…

Testing out beauty products doesn’t always lend to the most glamorous of settings (what? I was lounging around the house watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and only left the house to grab Chinese food and then later Starbucks), but how are we liking the finish? Nice, right? Ignore the baseball cap imprint on my forehead…lol. And no judgment on my twists.

Also wearing: Sleek MakeUP Blush by 3 in Pink Sprint, Sleek MakeUP Glo Highlighter in Bronze Baby, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion, YSL Faux Cils Shocking Mascara, BECCA Cosmetics Butter Balm SPF 20.

Here’s another angle—don’t I look like a toddler? lol

More things you should know about Be Beautiful Blemish Balm:
*Enriched with red algae extract which provides anti-aging properties and protein peptides that work to repair the skin
*Contains Vitamin C to help brighten the complexion
*Contains Vitamin E to help protect the skin from early stages of UV light damage and reduces the formation of free radicals that could lead to premature aging.
*Contains jojoba oil which provides a moisturizing formula that creates a smooth and flawless base, concealing imperfections while preventing discoloration and dehydration lines
*Need more coverage? After applying the BB cream and waiting a bit for it to settle, apply a second layer for fuller coverage. You can also use Be Beautiful as a concealer

And while you are free to your own BB cream accompaniers (add your fave serum, setting powder, etc) I like that I don’t necessarily need to put my moisturizer on when wearing it although I did need a little powder, making it perfect for “OMG-I-have-twenty-seconds-to-get-out-of-here” kind of days. Since I’m an oily girl and it is still summer, I of course needed to touch-up throughout the day, but no biggie.

P.S. I also have swatches of Be Beautiful in Medium (the brand’s PR sent it to me, but it was too light so like a stalker I met up with my blogging bud Erica of who let me test some of her Dark BB cream…lol)

The undertones in both Medium and Dark tend to lean on the neutral side with the Dark pulling a little toward cool.

Sleek MakeUP Be Beautiful Blemish Balm comes in four shades (Fair, Light, Medium, and Dark; $13.99/£8.99) hits Superdrug (UK) and (they deliver to the US for a flat fee but like I always say, it’s best to have a minimum order of $40 which gets you a good amount of product since everything is inexpensive—you can see a ton of Sleek MakeUP must-haves here.)

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30 Responses to FINALLY a BB Cream I Love…

  1. RT @StyleNBeautyDoc: New blog post: FINALLY a BB Cream I Love…:

  2. Helz Nguyen says:

    The Sleek BB Cream looks good on you! One of the problem I have with BB creams, they are too ashy to match my skin tone :( not digging it at all, but good thing you can top it with another powder

  3. can’t wait to try this! RT @StyleNBeautyDoc: New blog post: FINALLY a BB Cream I Love…:

  4. Eboni Ife' says:

    Okay, so now I need to try this ASAP because I pretty much always have only 20 seconds to get ready! I just need you to tell me which shade to get. Please and thanks!

  5. The alpha and the omega of all BB creams I’ve tried: Sleek MakeUP (@sleekmakeup)’s new BB:….

  6. @vevster says:

    RT @StyleNBeautyDoc: The alpha and the omega of all BB creams I’ve tried: Sleek MakeUP (@sleekmakeup)’s new BB:….

  7. @SleekMakeUP says:

    RT @StyleNBeautyDoc: The alpha and the omega of all BB creams I’ve tried: Sleek MakeUP (@sleekmakeup)’s new BB:….

  8. @ilvstrangefruit I break it down in the post here: .

  9. FINALLY a BB Cream I Love… via @StyleNBeautyDoc

  10. Alicia says:

    Who wants to put in on Mediums? We can split shipping.

    I’m serious. LOL.

  11. FINALLY a BB Cream I Love… via @StyleNBeautyDoc

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  13. Erica says:

    It looks great on you, perfect match!

  14. Felicia says:

    Team Medium. Looks amaze on my skin. Tho Still researching if jojoba oil is ok for my skin. I need an ingredient list. Hoping there’s no mineral oil involved :/

    • Danielle says:

      I knew it would! I didn’t see mineral oil on the press release—so far, so good!

      • Khadine says:

        Mineral oil is the 3rd ingredient on the list (mine just came in the mail today)! I love the coverage but the Medium turned out to be too dark for me :(….It looks perfect when you squeeze it out, but as soon as it blends into the skin and settles, it gets like 2 shades darker! I’m so sad! No one else had this experience?

        • Danielle says:

          Hey Khadine!

          I don’t have an aversion to mineral oil but it’s funny that with all the BB creams being so light that this range would be too dark for some people. My Dark was perfect but I was originally sent the Medium which was slightly too light.

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  19. ClassySharelle says:

    Whew!!…I had been thinking about a BB Competition!!…I cant wait to try one that I love!! THank you so much for the Post, Sis!!

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