Atlanta Holiday Shop the Aisle Recap!

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*Whew* I have been pretty busy with Atlanta events since I got to Georgia a few weeks ago (don’t worry NYC, I’ll be back in January…lol). This weekend I along with six other fab bloggers (Lexi of Lexi with the Curls, Eboni of The Fashionista Next Door, Trina of The Baby Shopaholic, Tarika of The Pursuit of Nappiness, Kela of Naturally Kela, and the fabulous Arkeedah of It’s Arkeedah who wore a FAB vintage dress and leopard print booties and we called America’s Next Top Shop the Aisle Model—so funny because she also used to model) hit three Atlanta-area Walmart stores for a special holiday edition of Shop the Aisle.

So if you haven’t heard of Shop the Aisle Blogger Style, it’s a really fun event where hair-obsessed bloggers help you shop the natural hair aisle at Walmart. Sponsors include Beautiful Textures, EDEN BodyWorks, Curl Max, 4 Naturals, UR Curly, Curls, SheaMoisture, and Curls Unleashed who are among the many natural hair brands that can be found at Walmart. Now since NYC doesn’t have ANY Walmart stores (you have to travel east to Long Island or south to Jersey or even north to upstate New York to find stores), the only time I get to visit a Super Walmart is when I travel south to visit family. And boy can I get lost in one of these stores, but I LOVE it. One of my favorite things to do actually is peruse the beauty aisles at Walmart (OK and the snack aisle…lol) but being able to have other women with similar beauty and hair interests as me shopping the aisle as well is even more fun. This is exactly what Shop the Aisle is about.

Shop the Aisle has ventured to a number of cities across the country helping women figure out which products to use and who better than to help you than a hair fanatic blogger? I hosted the NY one at the Walmart Valley Stream back in October with Imani of Tribe Called Curl—it was SO busy and so much fun but if I’m engrossed in good convo, it’s hard for me to take pics, tweet, and everything all at the same time and what’s a blog post without pics…lol. We had the aisle FILLED with ladies asking hair questions and telling their testimonials about product faves and those that didn’t quite work out for their texture. Attendees then went home with gift bags filled with samples of products to try.

The holiday edition of Shop the Aisle was that and even more! We hit three area stores: Old National Highway in College Park, Jonesboro Rd in Morrow, and Gresham Rd. in Atlanta. At each stop ladies of all hair textures were in the aisle early waiting for our arrival and when we got there it was ON! We excitedly talked about our hair journeys (I mentioned how I love the versatility of natural hair because I change my hairstyle more often now than I did when I was relaxed) and laughed and joked the whole time while giving out hair tips. Each guest was given a holiday style brochure that had each bloggers holiday hair tips and product faves plus coupons for products. Check out mine…

And then even more fun broke out—I initially thought only one person per store was getting a $25 Walmart gift card to shop the aisle, but it was SEVEN people per store! Each of us bloggers picked the winning numbers and the winners then bought the products we recommended for their hair. Like seriously, words can’t even describe how much fun Shop the Aisle is—you totally missed out if you didn’t come ;)

If you want to see if Shop the Aisle will be stopping at a city near you in the new year, be sure to follow them on Twitter: @ShoptheAisle :)

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  8. New Blog Post: Atlanta Holiday Shop the Aisle Recap!

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