In Case You’re Still Curious: My Take on RiRi Hearts MAC Summer

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.


Last week I like many of you hit the web to try my luck at snagging the RiRi Hearts MAC collection. I try to get the scoop on new products, but sometimes I like you have to purchase myself—not everything gets sent to me from brands. I finally got my items yesterday (UPS had a mix up with my apartment number on Friday—grrr) and if you’re still curious even after everyone else posted their opinions or you have your own after getting your stash, here ya go!


So first of all, yes, there are colors we have seen before in this collection—not a huge surprise. RiRi Boy looks similar to Up the Amp while Heaux looks similar to Rebel. What drew me in though is that these were reformulated in the Retro Matte finish we know and love (and hate…lol) of Ruby Woo. I actually think it would be a GREAT idea for MAC to somewhere down the line release a collection of new Retro Matte colors. I wasn’t a fan of how either color looked on me though…lol. They’re pretty, but just not for me on their own and sometimes a girl doesn’t want to do 50 million things with a lip color (I’ll keep trucking on with my current fave combo of MAC Prince Noir with Ruby Woo in the center as shown on me in the picture below).

Wearing MAC Prince Noir with Ruby Woo in the center, lined with Nightmoth Pencil

Wearing MAC Prince Noir with Ruby Woo in the center, lined with Nightmoth Pencil






Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo is pretty, but too light to show up on my dark brown skin (I knew this just from looking at it online, but somehow in the middle of trying to snag items, I added it into my cart out of pressure…lol). It’s best suited for lighter skin tones—if you want something with a similar effect and you have darker skin like me, you have tons of other options—Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Excite with NYX Cosmetics Tango with Bronzing Powder in Bronze Ensemble on top is one. Dior has new blush/bronzer duos out (I’m reviewing one this week) that also has a similar effect but works better on darker skin.


And then Barbados Girl Lustre Drops which are a pinky gold sheen with tons of shimmer is pretty, but waaaaay too shimmery for my likings. I like a good glow, but I want it to be luminous without the shimmer.


You can see my RiRi Woo post here.

I think this was a fun collection but more for Rihanna fans who may not have a ton of MAC in their stash. Hardcore MAC fans from years back may find it a bit repetitive.

Did you get anything from RiRi Hearts MAC? What did you think?

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15 Responses to In Case You’re Still Curious: My Take on RiRi Hearts MAC Summer

  1. I got the Boy and I love it! I have been trying to find one and Amp has been sold out for a while. I love the Woo’s too!

  2. Jenn says:

    Thanks for your honest opinion! It really helps to hear this.

  3. Nickey-Ann says:

    Stiiiiill waiting for mine :-X

  4. Joanna says:

    Can’t stop starring at your night moth, prince noir and ruby woo combo.

  5. Andrea says:

    Danielle, you got me back on the red bandwagon a while ago (Hello En Vogue!) and I frequently use nightmoth with pinks and with RiRi Woo (I happened to be on the site the day it debuted and since I never had Ruby Woo or any other matte red, I said, why not…so funny since it was the usual MAC cluster in terms of limited supply after building up demand)

    Just curious though, where exactly are you using the Prince Noir in this look? Is it a lined lip than Prince Noir over that and then using the red in the middle. How do you keep the red popping when using the darker lipstick?

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Andrea!!!

      I don’t always apply it the same way—sometimes I apply more of the Prince Noir so it looks darker and sometimes I apply more of the Ruby Woo so it looks more red. I usually use the Prince Noir first as a liner around the perimeter of my lips, then I do Ruby Woo to fill in the center. I use Nightmoth to “tighten” the line around the perimeter. You can use less of the darker lipstick to get the red to pop more but either way I usually don’t have a problem since Prince Noir is matte and doesn’t transfer as much to dilute the red.

      • Andrea says:

        Thanks for the reply Danielle! That was the answer, I didn’t know that Prince Noir was matte. That’s why my darker liptsticks and my chubby NYX liner that is similar collar won’t work as well.

        That would explain why it’s easy to control and why I have to just apply a thicker line of Nightmoth to get somethings approaching this look (which you influenced me to do yesterday).

        I know a lot of people complain about the Ruby Woo (and maybe Riri Woo has the same formulation) but I have to say I like how easy it is to wipe it off matte red lipsticks and how they don’t get in the cracks and stain my lips, mainly b/c I’ve noticed that if I rock red based colors too much I’ll have a slight reaction and have to revert to nudes and glosses.
        I’ve never been able to figure it out. Clearly had a lot more of this problem in the 90’s but noticed that when I become an “always nude” it never happened, and when you got me reliving the 90’s glory years I looked fabulous but had to alternate or my lips rebelled.

        Hmm, if it’s still available I may have to buy Prince Noir even though my bedroom looks like a mini Sephora at this point. But how could I not considering how fierce you look in that picture…I mean, even though I can probably only achieve about 10% of that, it’s still probably worth it.

        • Danielle says:

          That is true about the matte colors not staining the lips. I find when I use Ruby Woo with Prince Noir, it isn’t as drying since Prince Noir is a “softer” matte.

          There might be something in the dye in red colors that you’re allergic to or have a sensitivity to. I know some people who can’t wear purple or red colored eye makeup for the same reasons.

          Prince Noir was limited edition but there are a number of matte, eggplant-ish colors like it—Film Noir and the African Violet shade from Sam Fine’s collection with Fashion Fair are two.

          And girl thanks, but the reason why I look decent in this pic is because my friend Nas is a great photographer…lol. She’s awesome at telling me how to pose and stuff so I looooove my pictures more and because I like my pictures more I’m now more comfy with taking them…lol.

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  7. vanitista says:

    I’m super late but this picture is SLAYING everything ever. LOVE it!!! And the ombre lip. so much inspiration since im a late bloomer to beauty products.

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