What’s On My Nails Right Now

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I haven’t had a nail update in a bit, but here we are! This one is going to be short and sweet—much like my new nail look :)

As you can see I took the nail tips off—they were fun for the weeks that I had them but when two of them broke about a week and a half ago, I just used that as a sign to return back to my natural nails instead of getting them fixed…lol. Acrylic nails can be super damaging on the nails—which I of course knew going in—I just wanted to try something different. Though my nails grew to be almost as long as the tips, I cut them all the way down. No love lost—I always keep my own nails super short—maybe letting them grow in a bit and then I cut them down again. I work with my hands so much that I don’t have time to be worrying about broken nails and all that. So #shortnailsdontcare lol


So because the next two weeks are going to be super busy for me, I decided on getting a gel manicure and chose IBD’s Solar Rays Lacquer. It’s a brilliant yellow neon that like most neons required three coats for opacity. My nail tech was able to do this in a seamless way so it didn’t look like someone practically spilled a bottle of nail color on my fingers. I got an IBD color last time I had gel and was impressed with the performance (it lasted two weeks and didn’t peel like some gels can) so I’m looking forward to this holding up as well.


And that’s that! Until next time for What’s On My Nails Right Now :)

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6 Responses to What’s On My Nails Right Now

  1. Debra says:

    Gorgeous colour!


  2. Joanna says:

    Gorgeous shade! I am currently rocking Illamasqua Kinky :)

  3. Kel says:

    I love this color!! I change my nails so much so I haven’t tried gel yet but I am def digging this color on you. Gorge!

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