Weekend Outfit Idea: Blush and White

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white lace short blush blazer weekend outfit idea

I AM OBSESSED (yes, I know I start almost every other post with being obsessed with something, but I really like things…lol) with the color blush. The pale pink neutral has been on my mind lately for new additions to my wardrobe—hellooooo H&M oversized blazer I bought in LA. I want a blush moto jacket, blush booties, a blush cross body bag, a blush clutch, a—well, you see where I’m going with this…lol.

But not only am I obsessed with blush, I’m obsessed with all-white outfits. As clumsy as I can be, I love a good all-white outfit. In fact I’m plotting on getting a white short set as we speak/type.

So this weekend’s outfit inspiration comes from combining my love of both blush and white. It’s a “dressy casual” outfit that can take you just about wherever your weekend plans should send you :)

(Side note: I had a bunch of cool posts in mind to draft for today, but my family’s in town and I’m rushing now to finish up some other work so I can go hang out with them—I’ll be back with more next week :)

Shop the look in the widget below:

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9 Responses to Weekend Outfit Idea: Blush and White

  1. I like it, very nice. Because I have my dad’s big feet (giggle) I would wear a pair simple flats (ballerina & thong sandals) in white or soft pink. Enjoy your weekend with your family.

  2. Cristy says:

    Omg girl! Not to be creepy but I’m from H&M, remember our little encounter today? Well I searched up your name online since I saw you’re an editor! You’re amazing let me just say and super sweet! You made my spring break this year and just want to thank you 100 more times! Thank you Danielle! P.S I see we have similar tastes, I have the same blazer :)

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Cristy!!

      You’re not being creepy at all :)

      Did you get to go to IMATS? No problem at all—I wasn’t going to use my ticket for the day so why not pass it along to someone who really wanted to go :)

  3. Love the colors! Well, I love pink in general, but there’s something so romantic and girly about blush. And yes, it’s just perfect with white!

  4. I so want this outfit! I need an all white party to go to!

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