How I Grew Out My Shaved Side Cut on Natural Hair

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OK, so I cheated a bit, but I managed to grow out my shaved side cut I got last May. If there’s one thing about going natural that has seriously amazed me, it’s all this hair bravery I’ve had the last few years…lol. When I had a relaxer I’d be all bent out of shape over a trim, but after doing the big chop in 2011, I ain’t scared of nothing, yo!

shaved side cut on natural hair undercut danielle gray the style and beauty doctor

So yes, last May I shaved the right side of my hair off. Prior to the cut I used to roll my eyes at people who would get the style and then found myself actually needing to get it because I had some major breakage (it’s like the under cut gods were out for me!). But I was totally not expecting to love it so much. I felt like a dude though because I’d need shape-ups so often because my hair would look like 5 o’clock shadow after a few days. I worked it for a few months before I was like ahhhhhhh, I’m over it and decided to grow it out. Only thing though when you’re growing out a cut like that is that it doesn’t really look like a style when you’re growing it out. Which wouldn’t typically matter much but I get booked for stuff where I need to look on brand and can’t be looking like Martin when he ran off to join that cult. Ohhh or better reference: Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Glass. in Unbreakable. And I’m no stranger to weaves and thangs, so my first style after I decided to grow it out was a curly full weave.

Diptic (1)

And then when I grew tired of that I wore my own hair but since it wasn’t in a style, I then wound up wearing a straight weave. And then when I grew tired of that, back to my own hair which still wasn’t in a style and I was SO not trying to shave the side down again so I mostly wore hats and scarves until I had a half-wig made out of some extensions hair I had left over. That really helped because I could have longer hair when I wanted and take it out when I wanted without commitment.

shaved side growing in on natural hair danielle gray the style and beauty doctor

Aaaaand then after that I was getting ready to be in the Caribbean for two weeks and knew I didn’t want to have to worry about hair so I got a wavy weave. I rocked with that for a while because I really loved the texture and length but when that started getting tired, I decided to check in and see what my own hair was doing.

echelon deep wavy danielle gray the style and beauty doctor 23

While I was in weaves, the stylists (Gabrielle Corney and Fashion Hendricks) left the shave side alone so it wasn’t braided up.

So I went to Gabrielle and had my hair blown out for the first time in forever and the shaved side had grown in SO much! She cut it into an asymmetrical bob that I L-O-V-E. At my salon visit I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my hair so I just had her braid it. Since I plan on wearing it mostly straight, I’m gonna go back to have it shaped up more.

shaved side grown in

I used the Ojon Super Sleek line (shampoo + conditioner + blowout perfector) and blew it out and flat ironed it myself. I can get SUPER bored/tired/overwhelmed with straightening my own hair so it’s not completely straight—but that’s okay because I prefer my hair to not be bone straight. I’ll go and get a proper blowout and what not at the salon soon.

But I’m really happy with the cut. I actually contemplated getting a relaxer because I wanted to get a short piecey cut and I wear my hair straight so often anyway, but thankfully I talked myself out of it…lol. I have SO much hair and while I had nice hair when I had a relaxer, it’s MUCH cooler now without one.

So in conclusion (ha—like this was a dissertation), growing out a shaved side cut ain’t so bad. I had a good amount of growth in less than a year’s time and protective styles really helped to get over style humps. My next feat is to grow out my hair as much as I can because I’m going for big Monica from Girlfriends hair. Or at least for now I am…lol.

Have you ever grown out a “difficult” haircut? How did you do it? Tell me all about it in the comments :)

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19 Responses to How I Grew Out My Shaved Side Cut on Natural Hair

  1. Didi Simon says:

    I actually need your help, big time. I am, or was natural a few days ago. I decided to put a texturizer in my 4C hair, biggest mistake ever. It burned most of my hair out, the side already seemed shaved, so I left that alone, I had to shave some of, well most of the back and now I have NO clue on what to do because I’m tired of this. I bought TeaTree Oil,Shea growth cream, and Argan oil, but nothing seems to work.What do I do!?

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Didi!

      Sorry that happened to you :(

      First things first I think you should be on the safe side and see a dermatologist to make sure you didn’t damage any skin or hair follicles with the texturizer.

      Also I wouldn’t put tea tree oil on the area because it’s a natural disinfectant and I’m worried it would make it worse. I also personally believe growth creams are gimmicky (hair grows—you just have to work at retaining the length).

      The only thing I can suggest (other than seeing a derm), is to be patient and look into wigs until the hair grows out. And if you haven’t already, go to a salon and have them cut your hair into a manageable style and keep going back to maintain a style while the hair grows in.

      Good luck!

  2. jen says:

    Hey! So recently I got a side cut (3b/3c) and everything was all good. My hair was mid back length so I could wear it with a side part and cover it up grow it out no problem. I recently like 3 months ago got my hair cut by this woman who had no idea how to cut natural hair. She butchered it with the intentions of a symmetrical cut even though it wasn’t possible with the side cut. It’s like she completely forgot about it. And then she tried to cover it up. My long hair is gone and now my hair looks positively stupid. I don’t know if I should pay the 100+ dollars to travel 2 hours to see the only nearest natural salonist or just give up. I can’t wear weaves, wigs, or extensions because I have very fine delicate hair, but a lot of it. What do you recommend?

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Jen!

      Ugh—sorry that happened to you! That stylist should have been more upfront about her skills :(

      I’d recommend trying protective styles until it grows out but you said you can’t wear them so I’d say go to the person who knows what they’re doing and get a good cut so you have an actual style you can wear out. But before you make the trip, research the salon and find pics of their work so you have an idea of the kind of work they do before you spend the money and time to travel. See if you can get some recommendations for a stylist.

      Good luck! Let me know how it works out :)

  3. Jendaya says:

    Hey My name is Jendaya McNeill and I recently did the big cut in December 2014 due to breakage & I’ve secided after years of relaxer to settle with a perm. As well as the chop, I went to the salon and got my side shaved . After a few months with the side shave im planning on now growing it out. Any tips and/or advice? Please email me at if anything. Thank you!!

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Jendaya!

      Any tips or advice I have is already in this post. I don’t understand what you mean by after years of relaxing you settled with a perm though.

  4. Yani says:

    Okay so this was kinda refreshing to read because I thought no one would be going thru the exact same thing as me. I shaved (both) my sides last year March out of emotional distress. For a few months I was in love with it but I got tired of the touch ups. Now I’m trying to grow it back but these protective styles are way to costly and I’ve been natural for 2 years. I’m contemplating a blow out or a full on perm but idk. I’m scared that if I get a blow out then my hair might frizz up or something and I can’t go to work looking crazy. But I also don’t wanna perm it because I’ve put in too much work with being natural. For now I wear quick weaves because they’re easier to remove but overall they’re becoming tiresome. Idk what I want to do.

  5. Natalie says:

    Hi! I recently shaved my sides and im now trying to grow it out. How ofted do i need to touch up the sides and back of ny head? Im going for a grown out fade look and also when do i stop cutting them down and allow everything to grow

  6. Holly says:

    I shaved my whole left side (front to back) for charity 2 months ago, it is growing back pretty well which is great because my hair was so damaged from relaxers before.
    I notice you said while you had a weave, the stylists left your hair unbraided…does that mean you just flipped your hair over to disguise it? or did they find away to put extensions that side without braiding? Mine is now a curly inch long, can’t straighten it but clip-ins are an option, althought I’d worry about weakening the hair..

    great read x

  7. I actually just cut mine just like this a few weeks agi and it’s been hard but this post has definitely given me inspiration

  8. Rah rah says:

    I shaved my sides 5 months ago and my sides still not growing it’s just fuzz I tried puting oils and tried quick weaves and lace fronts but my sides never grew back like they should I’m trying protective styles like box braids but no success help

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Rah Rah!

      Are you making sure you moisturize your hair properly? Or making sure nothing is causing it to break? Your hair is growing—it might be breaking off as fast as it grows in. Try looking into styles that don’t require much manipulation of the hair and read up on balancing moisture and protein to help you retain more of your length.

  9. Sharyiah says:

    I’ve been natural for 3 years now and I keep braids since I’m not good at styling it my curl patern is not consistent but anyway I shaved my rufgt side due to hear damage and its been about 6 months now it’s still extremely short and I don’t know how to style it since I don’t want to wear braids anymore

  10. Sharyiah says:


  11. Mary says:

    If I get an undercut will I have to perm my hair?? What will happen if I don’t perm my hair

  12. Mary says:

    If I get an undercut will I have to perm my hair

  13. Mary says:

    If I get an undercut will I have to perm my hair. What will happen if I don’t perm my hair

  14. Emilia says:

    Heii my name is Emilia and i loved reading this!
    I´m currently thinking about shaving the lower part of my head and just leaving some on the top but of course, with the hair (most black women have) this can be quite a mistake. My mom (I´m 15) doens´t want me to do it because of the whole growing out part and i know that that can be a really difficult time but I´m just so sick of my hair. It´s not that damaged even though I´ve been realxing for like 2 almost 3 years now.
    But since I´m more of a tomboy I´d love to have short boyish hair. I don´t know if i can handle shorter hair or if it will be any harder or more work as i keep it shaved but i would love to just try it, hair grows back, so why not take a risk every once in a while, or?
    I know most of you guys did it to go natural but i will most likely keep on relaxing so it´ll stay straight even when I don´t feel like straightening it every time.
    Do you have any advice for me, whether i should do it or listen to my mom? And how to care for it once it´s chopped off? Also, the growing out part is the only thing that really scares me since i don´t actually like my natural hair all that much.
    I`m sorry for this really long comment but I´m just so confused on what i should do or don´t do.
    Thank you so much in advance!

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