L.A. Girl’s $7 Foundation Is Pretty Freaking Fantastic

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

la girl perfecting liquid makeup mahogany cocoa espresso

I was going to attempt to cut the wordiness of my posts down but cutting out the chit chat I normally put in them (like I’m doing here), but then it felt weird so here we are with the chit chat anyway…lol. After testing out the LA Girl concealers, I decided to also give their foundation a whirl—it had an impressive range of 17 shades and it’s only $7 so um yeah.

I got three shades: LM 966 Mahogany, LM 967 Cocoa, and LM 968 Espresso. Espresso was the closest match to my skin (you can see my foundation equivalents in other brands here) but oddly enough shade LM 967 Cocoa is darker than LM 968 Espresso. Dah well.

la girl perfecting liquid makeup mahogany cocoa espresso swatches on dark skin

Mahogany: milk chocolate brown with slight yellow undertones
Cocoa: dark brown with reddish undertones
Espresso: dark brown with neutral undertones

(in direct light so you can see the undertones better)

la girl perfecting liquid makeup swatches on dark skin

The coverage is medium and I was able to get it to cover most of my blemishes aside from adding a lighter concealer to brighten under my eyes (my eyes need brightening, yo!). I’d compare this formula to something like Make Up For Ever Face and Body—looks and feels light but has a decent amount of coverage.

la girl perfecting liquid makeup espresso on dark skin nw47
Finish is like a satin matte—not completely matte and not dewy

The wear on this was AMAZING. I forgot to get before and after pics of the same day (I WAS trying to thrive and be on blog vacay after all) but on Friday I did my makeup around 10 A.M. I had to go to Brooklyn for an appointment and then I went back home to finish up some work, changed my clothes and went back out for dinner. It was raining cats and dogs and I was walking mighty briskly through the city to get to the train. AND I ate Indian food…lol. When I got home at like midnight, my foundation still looked great—all I needed was to touch up my nose and the way my skin is set up for that to be the only part that needed touching up is usually almost impossible after all those hours. This is all day without a primer and with no touching up at all.

SUPER creepy angle but this is what it looked like after 10+ hours—only thing shiny is my nose

This foundation wins, yo.

Bottom line: Pretty outstanding foundation AND a great price. The only annoying thing is that it isn’t sold in a bunch of stores so finding your shade will be a bit of a hassle (sorry, but I will be of NO help with helping you find a shade match since there’s no undertone description and I haven’t seen any of the other shades so understand when I say “I don’t know” if you email me anyway…lol)

Price and where to buy: $7 at lagirlusa.com. You might also find these at select beauty supply stores and other online retailers.

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19 Responses to L.A. Girl’s $7 Foundation Is Pretty Freaking Fantastic

  1. Bonita says:

    Oh yay, I think I’m Mahogany lol. They always looked so neautral to me but mahogany could probably work. Beauty supplies in urban areas have LA girl

  2. Phineas says:

    Which one are you wearing in the picture?

  3. E.C.fromD.C. says:

    wow another new foundation I need to check out …. at least it’s relatively inexpensive yay….wonder what my shade is.

    becca ultimate and bh cosmetics is still on my to-do list (just scratched off e.l.f.).

  4. ashley says:

    This is such a great find!! i absolutely love your site ive learned so much stuff in the last couple of days browsing through here! I have a question about this foundation, im a NW50 in MAC studio fix powder and i was looking for a new, cheaper alternative. Which do you think would be a decent match from the LA Girl collection? i find it so hard to color match and dont want to waste money on a product that wont match my skin!

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Ashley!

      Yay—glad you’ve learned so much from the site :)

      You said you’re NW50 in a MAC powder—are you looking for a match in the LA Girl powders or these liquid foundations? I haven’t tried any of the powders yet so I don’t know any of the shades.

  5. mangomadness says:

    I’m curious about L.A. Girl concealer and foundation. What powder did you set the L.A. Girl Perfecting Liquid Makeup with?

  6. ashley says:

    I was looking for a liquid foundation

  7. Ada says:

    In the top picture with the 3 bottles, is the lightest shade mahogany?

  8. Cynthia says:

    I bought a bottle last year…loved it…buh the color was SABLE…i had tried Mahogany and it was too dark, SABLE was perfect…..but I’m not seeing that shade amongst the shades you analyzed so I’m quite confused….

  9. Immaculate mnani says:

    Am a Malawian from easten African . I love la products too

  10. Immaculate mnani says:

    The problem is that so many shops here are selling feck la girl products . Need help on how I can know the original one

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Immaculate!

      I have no idea how to even begin to help you find LA Girl products in Malawi. Have you tried contacting the company directly either via their site or social media?

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