Fashion And Beauty Expert Jay Manuel Debuts His New Beauty Line

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Brought to you by Jay Manuel Beauty

It comes to no surprise how Jay Manuel has taken over as one of a leading fashion and beauty authority. Beginning his career as a makeup artist, Manuel has spent over twenty years as a creative director, executive producer, and fashion correspondent for some of the decade’s most popular television programs. With a passion for creativity and for developing a unique and memorable personal style, he is about to begin his next adventure with Jay Manuel Beauty.


Jay Manuel Beauty is founded on the belief that every woman deserves to have their unique beauty showcased. Shaped by Manuel’s philosophy on beauty and style, the beauty line showcases products that translate from runway to real life, giving modern women the edge to create their own personal expressions of their unique beauty. 

Alongside the debut of several exciting new products, Jay Manuel Beauty will also introduce the Filter Finish Collection, an exclusive selection of face products that allow anyone to create smooth, flawless skin like an expert. 

Jay Manuel Beauty will launch in Spring 2015. To learn more about Manuel’s beauty philosophy, check out the video below, and go to

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2 Responses to Fashion And Beauty Expert Jay Manuel Debuts His New Beauty Line

  1. Fancie says:

    The avant garde look is beautiful! Can’t wait to see some actual product pics

  2. Dee says:

    I hope this time around Jay’s makeup line is a success! His other line just didn’t seem to get off the ground and gain traction. :-( He is a talented talented MUA and one of my favs!

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