#Giveaway: Win One of (5) $25 Photo by Walgreens Gift Cards to #ShareLifesHappy Moments

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walgreens photo agenda printed

Over the years I’ve realized that having a 24-hour Walgreens less than two minutes from where I live is both a gift and a curse. A gift because I can refill my inhaler (I only need them when it’s either really cold or really hot out or if I’m working out overtime, but when I need them I NEED them), grab some shaving cream, body wash, see what new mascaras are out, and then casually stroll down the snack aisle at any time of day. A curse because I can stroll in there at any given time of day…lol. On one very recent occasion I had my arms filled with random beauty necessities (because I swore I didn’t need a basket SMH) and because the checkout line was really long, the cashier at the photo waived me over.

I haven’t been to Photo by Walgreens in ages—probably since the last time I had to develop pictures on a 35mm more than a decade ago. But while the cashier was ringing up my mascara, body wash, and random snacks I kept eyeing behind him looking at all the cool things you can get your photos printed on (i.e. daily planner notebooks, wood panels, mugs, cards, 5×7 birthday card template, etc.). Then I started to think about what I’d potentially get printed now that I have a ton of cool pics of myself. Then that got me to thinking about how I used to HATE having my photo taken. Like you’d quicker see me getting a root canal than posing for a photo just a few years ago. But I was standing there checking out my Walgreens loot and all of a sudden I wanted a notebook with my picture on it. And a daily planner.

walgreens photo center photo notebook

Looking back it’s really silly that I was avoiding the camera because I missed documenting some really happy moments in life. Like a random picture of me at age 26 may or may not exist. The outfit I wore on my last day at my corporate job in 2010, what I did when I turned 21, my face when I had my very first magazine article I’d written in my hands for the first time (which I ran out and bought at my local Walgreen)—none of that plus SO many more moments captured. So now I’m trying to get in front of a camera as often as possible. I do photo shoots whenever possible (thanks, Nas). My storage is filled with selfies I refuse to erase…lol. Shoot, I need to celebrate that I feel so much more comfortable with myself that I can pose in front of a camera so freely. SO happy I’ve reached this point.

Yep. All of those happy feelings just from initially only wanting a new tube of mascara…lol.

This post isn’t all about my mushiness—there’s something in it for you…lol. I’ve teamed up with Walgreens who wants you to #ShareLifesHappy by giving FIVE of you $25 Photo by Walgreens gift cards for you to print out all those photos that make you happy—and yep, selfies totally count…lol.

To enter leave a comment telling me what you’d print at your local Photo by Walgreens if you won. Then fill out the giveaway widget below making sure to follow all instructions and abide by all regulations. Contest ends Thursday, April 23, 2015 at midnight EST. Good luck!

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Disclosure: I was asked to participate in the #ShareLifesHappy campaign sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

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13 Responses to #Giveaway: Win One of (5) $25 Photo by Walgreens Gift Cards to #ShareLifesHappy Moments

  1. Deeva says:

    I would use it to make reprints of all of the photos I lost in my house fire, and restore all of the photos of my grandma in her fine 20s!

  2. Taryn Nicole says:

    I would print a photo collage of my great grandmother, grandmother, mom, and step-mom. These women directly and indirectly molded me to be the woman I am today in all aspects of my life. It would be printed on special paper so I could hang it on the wall as a visual reminder of the women who paved the way for me.

  3. HS says:

    I’d get vacation photos printed at Walgreens Photo Center!

  4. I would print out my 2015 birthday pictures.

  5. I’d print the moments I’ve had with my daughter in her first year here. And an album for my husband of our dog we lost.

  6. Fola says:

    I would print out all the pictures I took on my 21st birthday this past February so I can always be reminded of the fun I experienced.

  7. Jade says:

    If I won a Walgreens Photo Center gift card from the style and beauty doctor I’d print out moments that I’m proud of that I’ve captured while working with a nonprofit in order to make schools safer for all students. A chic planner picture, a beauty shot for a notebook picture and did you say the “M” word… honey I love a good mug!

  8. Ria R says:

    I’d get my kids baby photos and the photos of when I first met the love of my life printed. they bring back so many good memories that I want to cherish forever.

  9. janelle says:

    I would print out photos from my childhood and perhaps finally make a collage from my college years that I still haven’t gotten around to…

  10. Dee says:

    I would print one of my landscape pics. Something I took in Sedona.

  11. soolaabee says:

    I would print a photo of my mom and sisters on a notebook. Seeing them would help keep me motivated as I go through grad school.

  12. erica r says:

    I found an old memory card in a camera that doesn’t work so I cant view the contents of the memory card. I don’t even know what time frame the memory card is from but I’m sure there is some awesomeness on that card so I would use the gift card to print pics from that memory card.

  13. Kristen says:

    I think it would be fun to get a photo calendar.

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