Gold Label Cosmetics Lipsticks {Review + Swatches}

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

gold label cosmetics lipsticks 2

I talk about a ton of big brands here on the blog, but it’s always really nice when I can post about independent brands that are fairly new on the scene. Gold Label Cosmetics, a brand started by makeup artist Kristen Elise Brown in 2012, reached out recently and sent over their line of lipsticks.

gold label cosmetics lipsticks

Here’s some info on the brand…


As seen on hit TV show B.O.R.N. to Style and Project Runway, Gold Label Cosmetics is a color cosmetics company for the beauty enthusiast who seeks opulence and convenience. GLC is heavily influenced by the arts, fashion, travel, affirmations and especially the notion of genuinely loving the skin you’re in. GLC provides the small luxuries through quality, yet practical packaging and satisfying formulas that match their affirmative lifestyle: ever growing!

Launched in 2012, Gold Label Cosmetics started out as a fun venture for makeup artist, Kristen Elise Brown to create a cosmetics line that had women from all walks of life in mind. Whether you’re an executive on the rise, a professional jetsetter or woman about town, GLC wants to take you from here to ANYWHERE!

With our natural approach to beauty, we believe the goal is to look like you. It’s easy to love YOUR BEAUTY when you find a brand that celebrates it. GLC is that brand. We are beauty company that doesn’t have one specific look or agenda. Gold Label will have both classic and on trend color cosmetics along with highly-pigmented, stay there gluten and paraben free formulas.

Gold Label Cosmetics mission is to encourage women to proclaim THEIR BEAUTY everywhere they go.

gold label cosmetics lipsticks 3

So let’s get into this…

There’s 10 shades altogether ranging from light pinks to deep vampy purples. While not every lipstick shade is going to be for everybody (I probably will never like a light pink cream or matte lipstick even if Michael Jackson himself came down from heaven and moonwalk blessed it), there is going to be a shade (or two or five…lol) that catches your eye. I especially loved the brighter and deeper shades because well, these are my kind of colors…lol. No hate for light pinks of course if they suit you (and there’s a good portion of the beauty loving population that look amazing in those colors), they’re just not for me. There are other way more suitable shades in the Gold Label Cosmetics lineup for me :)

gold label cosmetics lipsticks 7

gold label cosmetics lipsticks 8

gold label cosmetics say no yacht week private jets unbothered thieving bandits lipsticks

Another thing I really loved about the lipsticks is they feel so comfy and moisturizing on the lips. They’re gluten and paraben free and super pigmented. I also liked the packaging—sometimes brands have looser lipstick packaging and the tops constantly pop off but these definitely stay put and snap closed. Not to mention the gold colored containers are very easy on the eyes. You can also expect these to last through the day—and of course like with any lipsticks the darker colors will last longer than the lighter shades because they tend to stain the lips with pigment.

Shade descriptions: (these are my own descriptions)
Say No: a light bluish pink (creamy matte)
Yacht Week: a light bluish pink (cream with shine)
Private Jets: a medium warm pink (cream with shine)
Unbothered: a bold bluish pink (cream with shine)
Thieving Bandits: a bold hibiscus red (creamy matte)
Evil Twin: a bright orange-y coral (creamy matte)
First Class: a deep cool red (cream with shine)
Zi Se: a bold violet (creamy matte)
1978: a blackened eggplant (cream with shine)
Dark Children: a blackened plum (cream with shine)

gold label cosmetics lipsticks 6

gold label cosmetics lipsticks 10

gold label cosmetics lipsticks 11

gold label cosmetics say no yacht week private jets unbothered thieving bandits swatches on dark skin

gold label cosmetics lipsticks say no yacht week unbothered swatched on dark skin

gold label cosmetics unbothered thieving bandits swatches on dark skin

gold label cosmetics evil twin first class zise 1978 dark children swatches on dark skin

gold label cosmetics evil twin first class zise swatches on dark skin

gold label cosmetics 1978 dark children swatches on dark skin

gold label cosmetics lipstick swatches on dark skin

gold label cosmetics lipstick swatches on dark skin 2

Bottom line: Overall, I really loved these and feel they can definitely stand among big brand lipsticks you’d find at Sephora or Ulta. My fave shades are (in no particular order) First Class, Zi Se, 1978, Thieving Bandits, and Dark Children. I’d love to see more lipstick shades from Gold Label Cosmetics and what they would do with blush and eyeshadow. I’d bet they’d nail some amazing blush and eyeshadow shades, too.

Price and where to buy: $14 each at

Any shades stand out to you? Tell me in the comments!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Gold Label Cosmetics. As always all opinions are 100% mine.

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6 Responses to Gold Label Cosmetics Lipsticks {Review + Swatches}

  1. Andrea says:

    Ok, the Say No made me immediately think of your “Tyrone Biggum-sy” adjective. It is definitely in that category and the name is so perfect for that reason! Hahahahaha! Since I’m an NW45 I know I would say no to that color too!

  2. Eryn S. says:

    Zi Se looks amazing on you!

  3. Fancie says:

    I’m really digging a few of these shades! First Class, Zi Se and 1978 were the first colors to catch my eye but I like Thieving Bandits and Unbothered a lot too. The line seems really nice. Thanks for sharing!

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