Here’s How to Find Your Jay Manuel Beauty Foundation Shade

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jay manuel beauty foundation shade finder

Jay Manuel is the only celebrity makeup artist I know who can rock a perfectly manicured ice gray coif while being literally (well not really) on fire. Famously known for his role in 18 seasons of America’s Next Top Model, Jay released an entire lineup of luxury cosmetics which includes The Style & Beauty Doctor approved Filter Finish Powder to Cream Foundation.

Finding your Jay Manuel lipstick, blush or foundation shade has just gotten a whole lot easier with the new Jay Manuel Beauty App available now on Apple iTunes. In just a few easy steps you, too, can have makeup expertly matched to your unique skin tone available at your fingertips.

Jay Manuel Beauty App 3

How it works:

First, upload a selfie to the app. Don’t worry about finding the perfect lighting because this app can detect your light settings and find the right colors for you anyway. Next, let the app scan your photo to generate customized recommendations from each of Jay Manuel Beauty’s three makeup categories; Iconic, Classic and Avante-Garde. Last, create and save countless looks and shop directly from the app.

See the Jay Manuel Beauty app in action below!

(If you can’t see the embedded video above, click here)

I’m sure that anyone as in love with makeup as I am will love being able to instantly identify color cosmetics that compliment your skin tone. It’s almost like Jay Manuel read all of our minds creating yet another product that I’m sure you all will love.

Get the app here.

Will you be downloading the Jay Manuel Beauty App?


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