H&M to Release Eco-Friendly Beauty Line

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Since the release of H&M’s massive beauty line, the retail giant is expanding their already extensive beauty arsenal with an eco-friendly collection. The company will begin to roll out a range of hair, body and skin products all made with organic ingredients as an extension to their Conscious Collection clothing line. According to H&M, the new beauty line will include over 30 different products that range between $7-$13, which is no surprise since the company is all about fabulousness on a budget. Everything from aluminum-free deodorant to shampoo will be included and all are free of GMOs, silicon, paragons, dyes and synthetic perfumes. In substitution, H&M is incorporating certified organic ingredients, essential oils and packaging the products in recycled plastic and paper.

Check out some of the items below!












See H&M beauty swatches and reviews here

If you ladies are excited as I am, unfortunately we’ll need to wait until the official debut which will be April 27th.

Are you guys a fan of the H&M beauty line? Let me know if you’re excited about this new release in the comments!

Jade xo

Images courtesy of H&M

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10 Responses to H&M to Release Eco-Friendly Beauty Line

  1. oooh I love eco-conscious beauty and I am excited to try this! Glad that H&M has stepped into this space because their budget consciousness really makes a difference here. I am not going to pay $50 for an organic face cream, thank you very much.

  2. Martina says:

    Wow, this is such good news. Looking forward to try some of the new products.

  3. Paula A. says:

    Saw the hand cream today at H&M’s flagship in Amsterdam but I didn’t notice it was from a new line!

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  5. Eme says:

    I love all things eco beauty and can’t wait till the full range is rolled out by H&M I have seen the hand creams and hand washes online in the UK.

  6. Anna Szoke says:

    I’m very curious about this new range, and I’ll definitely try them, however I have doubts about it, H&M has had it’s tricks in the past I can only hope that this conscious series is really what it should be and not just some clever marketing boohoo to make sure they have their fair share from the “greenbeauty” tide. I’m looking forward to their detailed ingredients list.

  7. I know we were in touch on twitter a while back about this very article, but I just wanted to let you know I made mention of it in my weekly wellness finds column on my blog: Hope that’s ok!

    Love, Nathalie

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