NYX Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer {Dark Skin}

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

nyx gotcha covered waterproof concealer dark

NYX Cosmetics has been churning out some cool, new products and I’ve been busy buying and testing them. There’s more where this came from of course, but today we’re talking NYX Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer.

nyx gotcha covered waterproof concealer deep ebony

I picked up shades Deep and Ebony. I already knew I’d have to do some mixing for my dark skin tone because there’s typically large shade gaps in between the deeper shades in NYX complexion products. But it wasn’t a huge deal since these are relatively inexpensive. Plus by mixing these two shades I was able to have a number of concealing options.

The Deep shade isn’t right on its own to brighten my under eye area—it needs to be a bit more golden in undertone—but when I mix in a little Ebony, it gets so much better. Then when it comes to covering dark spots on my forehead and chin, Deep is way too light and Ebony is way too dark, but if I use more parts Ebony with a small part Deep, it’s all good. And then with mixing I can adjust how much of each shade to get the color I need as my skin tone changes with the seasons (or if I’m on a nice toasty trip to some island).

P.S. I also bought a few of the new NYX Pro Foundation Mixers so once I get around to testing those, I’ll see how they work in tweaking these concealers.

I LOVE the coverage this gives—it’s full coverage so after I put it on my chin and forehead, it was like “dark spots? what dark spots?” But it’s still a natural enough finish where I could use this in a “concealer-only-where-I-need-it-and-set-with-powder” look and still look balanced and natural. You can also use this with foundation—but of course apply foundation first and then use the concealer where you need it IF you need it.

Wear is pretty awesome as well. It’s waterproof but on my oily skin it did start to fade a teeny bit on my chin after about 5-6 hours. It was perfect under my eyes though (which makes sense because there’s no glands there) and I didn’t experience any creasing (though this can vary on everyone depending on skin texture).

nyx gotcha covered waterproof concealer deep ebony swatches on dark skin

nyx gotcha covered waterproof concealer deep ebony swatched on dark skin

Bottom line: NYX Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer is pretty awesome for the price if you’re looking for a good full coverage liquid concealer at the drugstore level. These remind me somewhat of the Laura Mercier High Coverage concealers but I like the LM ones better because of the color range and performance. But the NYX option is still not a bad choice if you have darker skin and don’t mind the mixing.

Price and where to buy: $6 each at NYX Cosmetics as well as various retail outlets and beauty supply stores. See NYX for in-store locations.

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6 Responses to NYX Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer {Dark Skin}

  1. Yeah they sure have, it’s like everday a new NYX! I can’t wait to see what you think of them! I need to go to Tar-gggayy and try them.

  2. Chi says:

    Are you going to review the Pro Foundation Mixers or have you already? I am interested in those but not really sure how to use them. I have a ton of foundation that doesn’t look good on me, either too light or dark.

  3. Fancie says:

    The swatches don’t look too bad! NYX has been working overtime already this year. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of these new products in stores so I can check then out

  4. Tkay says:

    I hope this is available in the uk soon ! I’m always on the hunt for a good affordable concealer for daily wear that also comes in darker shades

    • Danielle says:

      I hope so, too! When I was in London I was shocked to see such few options for darker skin in the drugstore/self-selection stores. I was hoping it was because of the area I was in but it seemed like the only brands for darker skin were Sleek MakeUP (on the drugstore end) and then MAC, black UP, and Fashion Fair at Debenhams.

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