Some Upcoming March Beauty Releases to Get Excited About…

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Can you believe that March is right around the corner? I feel like I was just typing out my New Year’s resolutions and now February is nearing its end. Of course there’s so much to look forward to in March – warmer weather, less clothes and some additional beauty launches hitting stores. From nails to hair, some brands are giving us even more of a reason to want March to roll in and we can’t wait. Check out my top picks that are currently on my radar and likely on yours, too!


Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara – $23

I was JUST introduced to the popular Better Than Sex Mascara this past December and honestly, I should be ashamed of myself for waiting this long. The holy-grail of mascaras has quickly become everyone’s go-to mascara, but there was always one issue – it was never available in waterproof, until now. The team over at Too Faced knew they had to listen to the people, so they decided to release a new formula that will be more moisturizing thanks to the porcelain flower ingredient. Available March 1st.


Too Faced La Matte Color Drenched Matte Lipstick – $28

Since we’re on the topic of Too Faced, the brand is getting prepared to release yet another collection: La Matte Color Drenched Matte Lipstick. After the success of the La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick, the brand re-formulated the line to give lips a matte yet hydrating formula. The 10-shade collection won’t be available in stores until March, but will hit Ulta on Feb. 28th.


Nails Inc Hoxton Market Paint; price available soon

My first thought when Nails Inc. announced they’d be releasing a spray-on nail polish was: messy. I could’t wrap my head around the fact that this would make my nail application process that much more simpler, until I read more into it. You simply start with a clear coat on clean nails, add a base, spray, finish with a topcoat and wash of the rest! Yup, you read that correctly. All you do is run your hands under lukewarm water and your left with a freshly painted mani. The product is set to launch soon but there’s already a waiting list in the United States, so here’s to hoping we can get our hands on this baby.

estee edit skin glowing balm makeup
Estee Edit 2016 Collection by Estee Lauder – $18-55

Estee Lauder is out to further drive the point that they’re not just your grandmother’s beauty line. Spokesmodel Kendall Jenner along with beauty influencer Irene Kim serve as the brand’s first guest editors and faces. The younger line features a range of makeup and skincare sure to feature the same good quality the classic line is known for. You can snag items from the line now on if you’re VIB, otherwise mark your calendars for March 15th when the line exclusively hits 320 Sephora stores and in July when it hits the Estee Lauder site.

P.S. The shade range for the foundation products and nude lipsticks looks pretty impressive so far.

Leaders Broccoli Bio Cellulose Superfood Sheet Mask – $6

I don’t know about y’all but I’d rather incorporate my greens into my skincare regimen rather than my actual diet. That may be the 6 year old in me rejecting any form of healthy vegetables, but the 23 year old in me is definitely loving this product. This brand new sheet mask is infused with broccoli, which is loaded with vitamin C and betacarotene that makes for a great antioxidant. Since this is a biocellulose mask it’ll penetrate the skin more than a regular sheet mask.

What other March launches are you excited for? Let me know in the comments below!

Jade x

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3 Responses to Some Upcoming March Beauty Releases to Get Excited About…

  1. whimsy says:

    After how too faced handled their foundation launch and even the release of more shades that still didnt correlate with the names when it came to shade range , I think im done with the company as a whole… I gave away the palette of theirs that I had even though I had heard great things about their mascara. I think its just sad considering how hard I looked to obtain a foundation of theirs in my shade and it wasnt being stocked anywhere. Then once I got ahold of it …it was nowhere near what they described it being.

    On the other hand I do love estee lauders stay all day so I am looking forward to more foundation offerings from that line.

    • E.C.fromD.C. says:

      Lol OKAY!
      I THOUGHT I’d be Mocha or Maple but was dead wrong.
      I’d never thought i’d be Chestnut in the new Too Faced but turns out it’s the best match but wish it had a tiny bit more red in it.
      I’ve rocked 5W2 and 5N2 in Estee Lauder’s Double Wear…I wonder what shade I’ll be in this new ‘Edit’ Foundation of theirs :).

  2. Patranila says:

    All about the Better Than Sex waterproof formula! I was just thinking about the need for a waterproof version the other day. Can’t wait.

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