Quick Review: NEW Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick {Swatches on Dark Skin}

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

make up for ever artist rouge lipsticks

I promise to get through this without rambling. OK, well semi-promise…lol.

Make Up For Ever (<---click for previous reviews and swatches) recently sent over six shades of the new Artist Rouge lipsticks. No, I didn't get all 45 shades like some people did. I've been in the game nearly a decade---just not cool enough to get 'em all...lol.

Official details:

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge is a new, expertly curated lipstick collection offered in 45 show-stopping shades. Packaged in new signature casing, the lipstick is available in two simple, but beautiful finishes—31 lustrous creams and 14 velvety mattes. Artist Rouge offers highly pigmented color with spectacular wear, and a non-feathering, non-drying, nourishing feel for endless comfort. This bold range only features the best nudes, reds, pinks, berries, and artistic lipsticks, providing everyone with the most flattering shades for their skin tones.

make up for ever artist rouge m401 c603 c506 c502 c211 c105

My thoughts:

These Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge lipsticks are the BOMB! Just like they describe in the caption above, these are super pigmented and feel amazingly nourishing on the lips and are long-lasting (the deeper and brighter shades will of course last longer on average than the lighter shades). These are some high quality lipsticks. The packaging is totally luxe—like MAD luxe. Like LUXE-ity LUXE.

The only thing is, and this is just my personal preference—I am NOT saying that if you have dark skin you can’t wear these colors—do as you please, but for ME, MYSELF, PERSONALLY, I’m not feeling most of these colors. I’m not into super light lip colors (yes, I’m aware of adding liners and what not, but I don’t like colors that I have to off the bat doctor up to make them work) and I’m not the biggest “artistic” shade lover out there ON ME. They look amazing on everyone else that rocks them (and that’s including people my complexion and deeper) but they aren’t for me. Not my style. Not saying you shouldn’t rock it. Lawd, somebody still gonna mince my words :/

make up for ever artist rouge lipstick swatches dark skin
Obviously not wearing liner or anything to alter these colors—they’re right out of the tube

I do however LOVE shades M401 and C506

So you might be thinking that you’ve even seen artistic colors like this before—even Maybelline and Covergirl has colors like this. BUT I would say if you dig fun shades like say C603 or C502, these are much higher quality. You’ll get more interesting in-depth colors than you might with less expensive versions.

MAKE Up for ever artist rouge lipstick swatches dark skin c105 c211 c502

MAKE UP FOR EVER artist rouge lipstick swatches dark skin c506 c603 m401

OK—so I’m gonna end this here before I start rambling…lol.

Oh, and these have BEEN out—at least on Sephora.com, but I was galavanting around Europe for almost three weeks so I didn’t get my packages until I got back on the 28th. And it takes me a while to acclimate. And then I’m traveling again this week. Phew!

make up for ever artist rouge full line lipsticks

Bottom line: Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge are some AMAZING, high-quality, OMG-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-THESE-ARE-LIPSTICKS-AND-NOT-DOWN-PILLOWS-ON-MY-LIPS type lipsticks. There are some classic shades in the lineup, but this is really for the gal who likes bold, daring shades and isn’t afraid to rock ’em.

Price and where to buy: Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge lipsticks are $22 each available NOW at Sephora.com. August 5th at Sephora stores, Make Up For Ever Boutiques, and makeupforever.com.

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  1. Trecee says:

    I love M401 and C211 on you. I can’t wait to try these…MUFE never disappoints me. I feel on wearing super light lip colors without liners, it looks odd on me too!

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