The Case for Having TONS of Prints of Yourself

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So yes, in a way the whole having your picture taken all the time and published publicly thing that goes along with beauty and fashion blogging can seem a little self-absorbed, but you HAVE to hear me out on why I think you should be doing it even if you aren’t a blogger.

A little while back I told you about how much fun I was having in Stockholm…and then consequently Hamburg, Berlin, Brussels, Liege, Namur, and Paris) in July (check out updates on my trip here. For practically the whole month of July, I was taking pictures like it was going out of style, but I was doing it to not only have photo memories of my trip, but also because I have a new office and wanted to have some cool DIY artwork to decorate the space. Thanks to the Walgreens mobile app, I was able to travel and decorate part of my office at the same time. I used the Walgreens app to quickly upload my pics to my Walgreens account, send them to my local Walgreens store, and then I electric-slided on down to pick them up when I got home. My original theme was going to be this European trip but then I got a little carried away because the Walgreens app made it so easy to upload photos AND there was a coupon for 20% off on prints. I went a little ham…lol. I printed out not only photos from this trip, but from my previous travels and a couple of outfit pics—you know, just in case I needed them…lol.

But here’s the thing I’ve really learned about having my photo taken: it has really helped to build my confidence, helps me pick out clothes that work for my body type much easier (I almost always look at how certain silhouettes look on me in pics and then swear by them for future shopping—I always wind up with things I really, REALLY love thanks to that), and it also gives me a visual token of just how far I’ve come. I went from sitting at my desk in my financial services sales job WISHING I could be free to travel the world and that this blog would take me places, to actually being in all these places.

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor walgreens
I printed even way more photos than the ones in this post…lol

Yes, yes—I know—LIVE in the moment and don’t be so crazed to document everything. No one knows that more than me, but having a token of how happy you were to be in Paris, or to hike a mountain upstate, or of the new friends you met along the way is also worth it.

Not to mention that I’m racking up exercise points because I connected my app to my phone’s health app. AND I can manage prescriptions, check out which of my fave beauty essentials are on sale, and send photos to be printed so I can continue crafting my shrine to myself…lol. And I can do all this while I’m on the go and enjoying life ;)

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor travel
I also found some cool street art while traveling around Europe—getting frames for these! Love the “print is not dead” one…lol

No, but seriously—as someone who didn’t always feel so confident, it’s amazing to come to this point of self-awareness and self-confidence. I feel so free and taking photos along the way helped me to realize I’m awesome. I want the same for all the young girls and women out there—this feeling I’m feeling needs to be spread. Too many of us are told we’re too tall, too fat, too dark, not pretty enough, not whatever enough. And no, a photo shoot is not going to cure it all, but it can help ;)

P.S. Download the Walgreens mobile app here and get started on your own personal shrine. You can upload pics from your phone’s library, Facebook, or Instagram. Just make sure the pics are at their highest resolution (sometimes some editing apps can lower how amazing your pics look) and go easy on the filters so you have the best-looking prints possible.

my walgreens app photos
Super easy to upload and send your pics to be printed using the Walgreens mobile app!

Disclosure: I was asked to participate in the #MyWalgreensApp campaign, sponsored by Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions, as always, are 100% my own

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  1. Trina says:

    You’ve got some great photos to keep! I’ve gotten back to printing out photos myself.

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