CUTE Flat Sandals for Summer that MIGHT Be Comfy!

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So many amazing things happen once you hit south of 30: you start to care less and less about what other people think, your confidence levels soar, you feel more secure in your adulthood. But some other things happen that may not be so amazing: facial hair, BILLS, and ohmygoodness ACHES and PAINS. Every morning I wake up and cringe in the bed for like two minutes thinking of what’s going to ache today. Perhaps it’s just me because I also got injured in an accident in my 20s, but my goodness why must things hurt so often…lol.

Now due to the fact (haha—who remembers saying this phrase) that I am a New Yorker and by nature I walk to places a lot AND because of my ever-aching back and knees, I’m not trying to walk around in heels all day like I would sometimes in my 20s. I still LOVE heels, I just have a very strict time limit on wearing them. Back in my 20s I could commute to work, walk around all day, and then commute home in heels. Then I realized I needed to start protecting my feet so I would commute in flats and break out the heels when I got to work. Then when I didn’t work on Fashion Avenue in Manhattan anymore, I felt like I could slide my not so cute shoes into my workwear. So I did. Then fast forward to my creative job now where I work from home therefore I’m usually in slippers and pajamas for a good portion of the week. When I would go to fancy beauty and fashion events, I would wear flats and then carry my heels with me. I’d changed into my heels right outside the venue, stunt for however long, and then sneak back into my flats after I left. Then sometimes I’d assess the situation and realize no one was going to be looking down much, so then I wouldn’t even bother to take the heels out of my bag. And now–NOW I don’t even bother to take the heels with me…lol. They remain tucked away for special occasions where mama gets door-to-door car service.

But now I’m at the point in my shopping career where I want to find cute, durable, and COMFORTABLE flats that will go with my outfits on their own. Summer is primetime for this since I walk around WAY more. Hence this post. I ordered a few pairs of flat sandals with a gift card given to me by in hopes of one or two pairs being winners and having the esteemed privilege of being added to my wardrobe. Now mind you, I am a different person now when it comes to shopping—I’m looking at the long term. I have to really love an item and it has to be able to go with a gazillion things in my wardrobe in order for it to stay.

Sidenote: I’m thinking about making this cute but comfy flats thing a series—leave a comment if you’d be interested in seeing that.

Thing is though, I want STYLISH and comfy flats. These aren’t always joined together when flats are made. I will accept my aching back and wonky knees, but I WILL NOT accept ugly shoes that will age me by decades.

cute flat sandals for summer

So let’s get into these shoes!

cute flat sandals for summer

OMG—remember the Easy Spirit “looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker” slogan? Growing up and going shopping with my mom, I would NEVER have thought that I’d be looking at Easy Spirit shoes. But here we are…lol. I think these are cute—the beige color makes it perfect for almost any color outfit and the patent leather finish with the cork wedge gave it a bit of a fashion edge. I would not be nervous about getting “WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOSE’d” by the younger millennials in my neighborhood wearing these…lol. I literally just got these in the mail and so far have only walked around a bit in the house in them but they feel like they will do right by me.cute flat sandals for summer

Buy ’em here.

cute flat sandals for summer

Now these Dolce Vita slides are my type of style. They’re tough yet simple and stylish. I thought the little bit of wedge would do good by my feet because you know how totally flat sandals can be wack support-wise. As cute as these are though, I don’t think I’d be able to get around in these a full day. They’d probably be cute for like a BBQ or baby shower situation, but not for a day full of walking. And for me, that’s not going to work because I don’t need any more shoes I can’t wear all day. These are going back.
cute flat sandals for summer

Buy ’em here.

cute flat sandals for summer

Funny thing is that I thought THESE Dolce Vita flats would be the ones going back. I even thought this as I was checking out…lol. But I figured they’re cute, let me give them a chance. They actually feel alright! I can see maybe the beads in the ties being annoying if they knock into your feet but I haven’t experienced that yet. I’m like 80% sure I’m keeping these.
cute flat sandals for summer

Buy ’em here.

So here are some other shoes I contemplated but didn’t get because either they didn’t have my size or I wasn’t trying to bite the bullet on the price tag yet. I do think that I REALLY want a pair of VINCE sandals, but I’d have to try them on in the store first and then maybe get them online if the price is better.

(Bear in mind that I was given a gift card from so my own actual money wasn’t used to buy these shoes)

dolce vita dara sandal

Buy ’em here.

vince macey sandal

Buy ’em here.

stuart weitzman barrio sandal

Buy ’em here.

Honorable mention: I actually bought these leopard print Crocs back in April and let me tell you, THEY ARE COMFY AF. The print gives them a little edge and the inside feels like tiny little cushions massaging my feet with every step. Only thing is these are SUPER casual.

Crocs Freesail Graphic Clog
Buy ’em here.

Hopefully if my attention span doesn’t get the best of me, I can maybe give updates on how these shoes worked out. Again, I’m contemplating making this stylish flat shoe thing a series but only if you guys are interested. Otherwise I’d be taking the time to take and edit pictures, write the post, promote it on social, and be talking only to myself…lol.

Who’s interested in a stylish comfy flat shoe series? Tell me in the comments!

P.S. I didn’t model these because 1. I needed a pedicure like two months ago…lol and 2. Sometimes it’s really hard taking cool pictures of my own feet.

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12 Responses to CUTE Flat Sandals for Summer that MIGHT Be Comfy!

  1. Tenica says:

    In love with this blog post because I’ve been feeling the exact same way. I’m recovering from a bunionectomy and heels are off limits for now. Please post more cute sandals

  2. I love the black Dolce Vita flats the most! They simple and cute and you can probably style them with a lot of pieces!

  3. Shantal Y. says:

    Thank you! I would definitely like to see this is a series. Cute and comfy is important when it comes to shoes! Naturalizer, Easy Spirit and some other brands we would have passed on in our younger days have actually been re-branded with fashionable choices.

  4. Tammie says:

    Just wait until you reach your 40s! LOL!
    YES for the Flats Series, that’s all I wear!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Stephanie says:

    I’m ready for this series!

  6. Ifey says:

    Looking at the Easy Spirits right now. All of the Vince ones are cute. I cannot co-sign the Crocs, I just can’t. Lol

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