TSABD at Home: My Scandinavian Bedroom

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scandinavian style bedroom

After months (well, years if you count the time I did nothing…lol) of purging, building, painting, pinning, shopping, and moving furniture, my bedroom is FINALLY done. I’ve talked about the process in previous posts so if you’re lost and want to catch up, check out my previous TSABD at Home posts here.

There’s a chatty video tour of my bedroom on my YouTube channel if you want to hear my thought process behind the purchases in my bedroom—check it out here. But to sum things up, I previously was someone who had WAY TOO MANY THINGS and it was hard for me to keep up with keeping things together because I was so busy trying to run my business. At one point I also used to work from home in my bedroom so there was A LOT of stuff in there. When my sister bought a house and moved out, I was able to turn her room into a home office (still working on it) so I was able to only use my bedroom to sleep and I wanted it to be a sanctuary of sorts. In my many travels, I’ve come to love the simple minimal style of many of the hotels I’ve stayed in—so much so that I would be mad when I came home and had to sleep in my room…lol. I wound up deciding on the Scandinavian style decor after visiting Sweden last summer and scouring TONS of home decor imagery on Pinterest.

I took my time because I didn’t have a huge budget—in fact, I talk about decor on a budget tips as well on my YouTube channel. You can watch that video here.

scandinavian style bedroom 2

andy warhol portrait book

scandinavian style bookshelf tvilum

tvilum white bookshelf

black girl bookshelf magazines

While a lot of what I can say about my bedroom has been said in the two videos I linked earlier from my YouTube, I did want to give you a few quick tips.

Quick Scandinavian Decor Tips:

1. PURGE. Seriously, purge. I was using 20% of my things like 90-95% of the time so I made a stern decision to find new homes for the 80% of my things that I wasn’t using. Read more purging tips here.

2. Combine fashion AND function. One thing I wasn’t really utilizing in my apartment was all the built-in storage areas. I would just stick things wherever and you know I have attention issues so that’s a recipe for a clutter disaster…lol. So I made use of my bedroom closet. I cleared it out and put things like suitcases and other items I usually would just leave in the hallway in there. I still need to do some repairs to finish my closet which I’ll show you in an upcoming video on my YouTube channel.

I also made sure anything I added was not only cute but also had a function. So for instance, the rattan basket I got from Target not only looks nice (especially with the matching rattan chair) it also houses my pajamas and my errand running clothes so that they’re not thrown on the floor or on my bed. Then my bed frame (got it here) is super cute and high which allows under bed storage space that you can’t see because my comforter (got it from Kohl’s) covers it.

3. Bright white paint can do WONDERS for a space. I think what really brings my bedroom alive is the bright white paint we used in there. Before my room was this pinkish off-white color that made it look dark and dreary. The bright white reflects the light so beautifully and makes it look and feel so cozy. Not to mention the energy saved in not having to turn the lights on.

4. MINIMALISM. Since there is less stuff in my room and because it took me forever to get it the way I want it, it’s actually much easier for me to keep it clean. If something is out of place, it’s VERY noticeable and I do whatever I can to fix it. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Follow me on Pinterest for tons of inspo—I pin outfit ideas, makeup looks, hair ideas, home decor, and Weight Watcher’s recipes…lol.

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(Make sure you watch the video tour to see more items in my bedroom)

Bed frame


Bed sheet set:

Rattan basket:

Rattan (wicker accent) chair

Dresser (I bought two and put them side by side)

Jewelry tray (I bought mine in black)

NEST Apricot Tea liquid reed diffuser (they just launched a liquidless one, too)

Aloe plant (Home Depot), ceramic planter, bamboo tray

Small round mirror on dresser

Large round mirror

Plant in corner: Dracaena Spike from Home Depot; planter; plant stand with bamboo tray


Andy Warhol book

Watering can

Silver cactus bookend (from a store called At Home)

Fake plant on bookshelf: from Target—I can’t seem to find it on their site


Curtain rod

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