TSABD Edit: Makeup Geek Nude Collection, A.J. Crimson x Naturi Naughton, Desi x Katy on Dark Skin

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

tsabd edit makeup geek aj crimson desi x katy

So much of this stuff is pretty late in the game but 1. It was summer (ok technically it’s STILL summer) and I allow myself some leisure in the summer 2. I was out of town for my birthday and 3. I do reviews differently now which sometimes means it might take me a little longer to do them. But hey, we’re here now! Make sure you’re also subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss any other updates.

Desi x Katy | Dose of Colors

desi x katy dose of colors

I follow both Desi Perkins and Katy and find them to be super down to earth and HILARIOUS. Not to mention they both slay makeup looks. I wasn’t surprised to see that the BFFs would collaborate together on a makeup collection, nor was I surprised at how glam the pieces I bought are. I picked up The Girls Eyeshadow and Savage liquid lipstick. The collection is currently sold out but will be back in stock on 9/24/17 as per the brand’s Instagram seen below.

desi x katy dose of colors the girls eyeshadow palette savage liquid lipstick

The Girls eyeshadow palette has four gorgeous, dazzling shades created to be used in conjunction with your existing eyeshadow stash. I like the packaging—there’s a magnet that keeps the palette closed and while the glitzy look could lean on the gaudy or tacky-side, this one is thankfully quite sleek and sophisticated.

desi x katy the girls eyeshadow palette

I really love the shadows themselves and that they can be used to add some glam to pretty much any eye makeup look. Two of the shades (Harpoon and Suz) are meant to be used wet and GURL, when you spritz a little water or [eye-safe] makeup spray the pigment and color payoff really seem to show off. Here’s a description of the shades and how best to use them:

SUZ-Toast the night away with this crisp bright champagne shade. A super creamy texture that is formulated to be used WET. One drop of water on your finger is all you need.

HARPOON- Take metallic to a whole new level with this dazzling shade. A cool tone green base with green and gold reflects. This unique shade is formulated to be used WET.

TURBOSAN- Start sparkling with this ultra-luxe shadow that is packed with shimmering reflects. For intense color payoff and a glistening finish, apply with finger.

NOLI-Bring out your inner bombshell with this sultry bronze shade thats infused with gold reflects. This perfect bronze shade is a powerfully pigmented formula that glides onto the lids for a silky-smooth finish.

the girls eyeshadow palette desi x katy dose of colors

I really liked this eyeshadow palette: pigmentation was on point, it performed well, and the shades work well on virtually all skin tones. Whether or not you get this will depend on if you could actually see yourself using the colors in this palette and if you don’t already own something similar. This is of course assuming you haven’t already bought it…lol.

I picked up Savage liquid lipstick on impulse and to satisfy the free shipping minimum…lol. It’s a really comfy formula—I did have the center disappear while eating but thankfully I was able to reapply without taking everything all off and it still felt comfy (some liquid lipsticks feel so rough on the lips if you try to touch-up and reapply). They do warn you to avoid oily/greasy foods when wearing it on the site though so that’s great that they shout that out.

Thing about Savage though is that I’m sure you have something similar in shade OR can get something similar at an in-store location vs having to buy it online and pay shipping or buy other items to qualify for free shipping. I guess it’s not so bad if you treat it as an add-on item.

in the girls eyeshadow desi x katy eyeshadow palette dose of colors swatches on dark skin

desi x katy suz harpoon eyeshadows wet swatch on dark skin

savage liquid lipstick swatch on dark skin desi x katy

Swatch of Savage

(there’s no sound on this video)

Desi x Katy Savage from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

Price and where to buy: The Girls eyeshadow palette ($28) and Savage liquid lipstick ($18) will be back in stock at doesofcolors.com on Sunday 9/24/17 at 6pm PST.

A.J. Crimson x Naturi Naughton

ajcrimson x naturi naughton celebrate you glosses

One of the many amazing things to happen to me because of blogging is that I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing talents. A.J. Crimson is the talented makeup artist behind his namesake luxury makeup line that caters to women of color. (Also a quick Google search of his name will turn up YEARS of his work) He recently joined forces with Power star Naturi Naughton to launch a line of three gorgeous glosses.

A.J. invited me to the very intimate press launch lunch event where I also got to meet Naturi herself. (If you hover over the IG post below with your mouse {or finger if you’re using a mobile device} you can use the arrow function to slide to the second part of the post to see a super short video of the three of us at the event)

What I love about these glosses is that not only do they smell really nice (like a minty fruit) but they’re also nicely opaque. I always want to break things when I see vibrant gloss colors like this and they’re super sheer :/ So happy that wasn’t the case with these. They’re also pretty long-lasting depending on your activity for the day. I had mine on all day with eating, drinking, and snacking and still had color tinted on my lips after eight hours.

aj crimson x naturi naughton lip gloss swatches on dark skin

Lip Swatches

(there’s no sound on this video)

AJ Crimson x Naturi Naughton Celebrate You Lip Colors from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

Price and where to buy: A.J. Crimson x Naturi Naughton #CelebrateYou glosses are $22 each at ajcrimson.com

Makeup Geek In the Nude Collection

makeup geek in the nude collection 2

I was super geeked (haha) to get these because I’ve been meaning to try the Makeup Geek line because I always hear people raving about it. The brand sent over some items from their In the Nude Collection for me to try out for review consideration.

They sent over their In the Nude Deep Bundle which includes:

9-color eyeshadow palette
Bronze Luster in Burnished – A warm caress for deep skin-tones
Highlighter in Ignite – Golden bronze with a reflective, luminous finish
Plush Matte Lipstick in Beach Bunny – Warm nude with a matte finish
Plush Creme Lipstick in Jetsetter – Soft peach brown with a creme finish

makeup geek in the nude collection

“Deep” is such a subjective term—there’s no definitive shade that everyone thinks of when they hear “deep.” As someone with a darker skin tone, I’d like to think “deep” is describing someone close to my skin tone, but as any of us makeup lovers with darker skin know, there are a lot of brands who stick “deep” on something that’s like a sneeze darker than Beyoncé. “Deep” here might be what we might think of as a caramel skin tone. The Bronze Luster in Burnished doesn’t show up well enough on my skin tone to be considered a bronzer on me (see Bronzers for Dark Skin). Highlight in Ignite is pretty and shows up well on darker skin. I don’t love the two lip color choices—they would need to be mixed with either a liner or another lip color and why do all that when there are shades on their own that work well as nudes for dark skin.

makeup geek ignite highlighter
Highlighter in Ignite

makeup geek burnished deep skin bronzer
Bronze Luster in Burnished

makeup geek plush creme jetsetter plush matte beach bunny

Shades Included in the Palette

Rapunzel – Pale golden champagne (satin)
In The Spotlight – Pale coral (foiled)
So Pale (NEW) – The perfect “not quite white” (matte)
Tan Lines – Medium golden tan (matte)
Buffed (NEW) – Peachy tan (matte)
Creased (NEW) – Medium taupe/tan (matte)
Cabin Fever – Medium rusty brown (matte)
Grandstand – Medium warm tan (foiled).
Dark Roast (NEW) – Deep espresso brown (matte)

makeup geek in the nude collection eyeshadow palette close up

The eyeshadow palette is pretty and while I liked the quality of the shadows and the shades work well on a wide range of skin tones including mine, this wouldn’t be the first nude eyeshadow palette I’d pick. There are a decent range of colors to create any number of eye looks, but these aren’t the first shades I’d personally want to be in a neutral palette (see Best Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes for Dark Skin). I’m also eyeballing the $50 price tag BUT Makeup Geek says the palette has a $72 value and the shades are all refillable. Though it’s pretty and has great pigmentation, *I* wouldn’t buy this palette, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t be interested in making my own custom palette as some of the single shadows do look like shades I’d like. And I haven’t tried them yet either, but some of the pigments look nice from the pics I’ve seen as well.

makeup geek in the nude collection eyeshadow palette

makeup geek in the nude collection eyeshadow palette swatches on dark skin

makeup geek in the nude eyeshadow palette swatches on dark skin 2

makeup geek in the nude palette swatches on dark skin

makeup geek deep skin bronzer in burnished ignite highlighter swatches on dark skin

makeup geek plush creme jetsetter plush matte in beach bunny swatches on dark skin

Price and where to buy: In the Nude 9-Color Eyeshadow Palette $50; Bronze Luster in Burnished $22; Plush Creme Lipstick in Jetsetter $10.50; Plush Matte Lipstick in Beach Bunny $9

Have you tried any of these products? Plan on buying any of them? Tell me in the comments!

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