#TSABDTrend: The Mini Bag

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The Mini Bag

Yup! Another series ;) I actually started this one last year but didn’t add to it much. This year shall be different!

#TSABDTrend is a series where I basically save you tons of time and energy by shopping some of the coolest items in fashion that you might want to have in your closet. This week’s trend is the mini bag. Partly because I’m OBSESSED and partly because—okay, it’s mostly because I’m obsessed…lol.

I love a mini bag because typically you can get away with something super extravagant and it’s like, it’s okay because it’s a smaller size. These obviously aren’t everyday bags, but when you’re heading out for brunch with the girls, or Friday night drinks, or a cute day party situation—they’re perfect.

Click to the corresponding number below to shop the items you see in the image.

The Mini Bag (1)

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Are you loving the mini bag? Which ones are on your list?

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5 Responses to #TSABDTrend: The Mini Bag

  1. Couture says:

    I like the LV bag the girl with the black hooded cape and sunglasses has in the picture below. That’s the one I want. Do you know its name or have its link?

  2. Johanna says:

    I need one, I always have a big mom bag need a chic mini bag all these are stunning.

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