My Spring 2018 Fashion Aesthetic

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spring 2018 fashion
A few of my fashion faves: @trishbeghin @kahlanabarfield @samyjovalentine

I should put quotes around spring because we all know spring in NYC is basically a scam…lol. It’s still winter until like April 25th and then it’s warm enough to not wear your winter coat, but then by the time like May 15th hits, it’s hot as heck…lol. But maybe this year will be different seeing as how climate change makes the weather pretty unpredictable at times. But alas, I’m still pretty hyped about spring fashion.

I used to really love to watch the runway shows—I even got to sit at a bunch during New York Fashion Week—and see what the new trends would be for the next season. Now life is so busy and hectic that I rarely have the time. Like a lot of fashion people, I enjoy knowing what the trends are, but also like a lot of fashion people, I only go for the trends that actually work for me *and* that make sense in my closet. I don’t like having a bunch of clothes I don’t wear in my closet so a trendy item has to go through some serious vetting. My spring aesthetic though has little to do with what’s trending (for now).

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Think boyfriend shorts, oversized button downs, graphic tees, classic items with a twist (i.e. a blazer with cut-outs or cool sleeves) styled with cool hats, shoes, sunglasses, and red lips. I don’t even have to shop much for it. Most of the pieces I need are already in my closet—I just need to do some styling. I do need a nice pair of relaxed fit, slightly oversized (baggy) boyfriend shorts—I had a pair from Gap that were PERFECT but I have no clue where they went. I may wind up thrifting a pair of men’s jeans and then cutting them to get the look I want. I’m also on the lookout for the perfect hoodie dress. And depending on where I am with working out and getting back into some of my favorite existing wardrobe pieces, I may or may not buy a cool pair of jeans.

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I want to translate the things I love about fall/winter fashion into spring!

Check out the Pinterest widget below to see some of my style inspo for spring and make sure you follow me. I pin some pretty cool stuff ;)

What are your spring 2018 fashion plans? Tell me in the comments!

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