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Man, I haven’t done one of these in FOREVER. Mainly because I don’t shop nearly as much as I used to and partly because most of the few things that I do buy winds up in a review post somewhere down the line anyway. But this weekend I bought some things that I wanted to share right away so here we are!

So first up I bought some MAC pigments in Melon and Tan because I wanted to make my own body glow concoction. I LOVE me some Rihanna and would love to support the new Fenty Body Lava but I cannot bring myself to spend the $59 on it or any product like it. I’m sure it’s wonderful (I’m nervous to even try it because I will try to find some way to spend $59 and then when it runs out I keep buying it again…lol) but I just can’t at this stage. My Adult Fashion Decisions also apply to makeup. She would have definitely gotten me when I was in my 20s and blowing money fast though. Anyway, my plan is to mix the pigments with whatever lotions and sprays I have in my beauty closet to give my legs and décolletage a gilded look. A little goes a long way with Pigments so I got the mini ones at $10 each. They can also be used for almost anything you can imagine (eyeshadow, mixed in with nail polish, mixed with gloss on the lips, etc).

Then while I was waiting for my friend to checkout at Nordstrom, I was left to nose around the Estee Lauder counter. I wound up picking up the Estee Lauder Perfectionist Powder + Highlight Duo as it promised a satin finish with light coverage. I picked up shade 06 Extra Deep. It looks and feels like a grown and sexy version of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. It will blot some shine, but this is probably NOT the powder to use if you have oily or very oily skin. As I’m getting older my skin isn’t as oily as it used to be, so I might be able to get away with it when it’s not very warm out. I may be able to wear it on its own in the summer, but might need to touch it up often throughout the day. But for right now, so far I’m digging the luminous look this powder combo gives. You can pass your face brush over both the powder part and the highlighter part to get a soft glow and set your makeup at the same time. (You can also use each section at a time on their own as well). As I use it more, I’ll keep you posted on what I think after the impulse purchase thrill wears off. Note that this is a hard product to swatch and may also be hard for you to see in pictures so I’ll try to do video down the line. But in the meantime, this is something you’d have to swing by an Estee Lauder counter to try it out if you’re interested.

I didn’t buy it this weekend, but it was still a pretty recent beauty purchase but I also picked up MAC Viva Glam Sia. It’s described as a bright yellow-red with a matte finish. I LOVE THIS COLOR! It’s such a fun red that gives me tropical vibes. I’m definitely at a phase now where I won’t split hairs to justify the purchase of a gazillion lip colors, but this one is for a good cause—100% of the proceeds go toward the MAC AIDS Fund. You can check out my makeup stash to see how although I’m a beauty lover, I’m also going for a more minimalist approach when it comes to how much I own.

I also bought this dress from Zara. This is one of those dresses that can look so different depending on one’s body type and how it’s styled. I would wear it with a belt to cinch at the waist or even pin it so it gathers near the waistline. The dress is pretty oversized so you’d choose the size depending on how you want to wear it—it’s one of those items you really have to try on to see how it works for you.

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Did you make any recent fashion or beauty purchases? Tell me whatcha got in the comments!

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