My Summer Fashion Looks in ONE Post

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I had spent most of 2017 and the earlier part of this year not really buying much of anything. There was this thing called being bröké and then weight gain made it a little difficult to wear a lot of the cute clothes I already had in my closet. But by glory, broke don’t last always (can I get a witness?!?!) and though I didn’t lose weight, in fact I’m the biggest I’ve ever been in life, I am more in love with the way I look and refuse to not enjoy clothes just because I need to lose thirty pounds. This summer I was able to express how I felt about myself on the inside on the outside and captured it all in photos.

So I had a number of things in the back of my mind with every piece I bought and wore this summer. I wanted pieces that could easily be interchanged with each other and everything else in my closet. I also wanted pieces that would still work for me even after I worked back to lose the weight. So that meant easy layers, lots of dresses, and I also wanted to play with color and prints. So I did! I also shopped EVERYWHERE this summer to find pieces I really loved.

Under each picture I’ll also include a link to the blog post where you can get more information on where to get things that are still available.

This might be one of my top favorites. I HATE strapless bras and was so pleased to know that I could wear this one shoulder dress and simply tuck my bra strap in to cheat it. Best yet, this dress was less than $40 at Target. May whoever first came up with the idea that Who What Wear should collab with Target be forever blessed, have superfluous edges, and skin so radiant the sun gets jealous. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

THIS SUAKOKO BETTY DUSTER. It was gifted to me by the brand owner (she’s a sista and I’ve since bought like four more pieces from her collection). It’s such a great piece especially to layer, but it also adds so much FASHION to any look. Here I’m wearing it over a white ruffle dress that I styled differently earlier this summer for a light summer layered look. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

This is another one of my faves! This was a $20 dress from Zara. Zara has been slaying my life this last season. I used to steer clear of their clothes because so much of it would fall apart so quickly AND it would be mad smedium on me. Lately I feel like they’ve been taking their time more with their pieces as the quality is MUCH better than I remember. I also notice they’ve extended some of the sizing—I’m at my biggest and can fit more clothes now at Zara than when I was smaller. Now, they’re *not* the mecca of size inclusivity, but more people can shop there now. This summer I was also into having my looks be more “dimensional.” I added accessories like the peplum belt I’m wearing with it which has been going the DISTANCE for me, honey. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

A short-sleeve denim jacket may seem like a weird purchase, but I’m SO glad I got it. I don’t even remember what inspired me to look for one—perhaps something I saw on Pinterest or maybe I was just browsing the men’s section at Zara, saw it, and saw the possibilities for it. Also happy I snagged these side-striped pants. Normally I’d avoid wide leg pants especially in this shiny kind of material because it can highlight all my thighs, but I’m different now. IDGAF lol. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

I think I want to do more monochromatic-esque looks after doing this mostly pink look. Perhaps cobalt blue next time? Get outfit details and see more pics here.

Listen, Suakoko Betty, man. This was also gifted to me by the designer much like the duster above was (and the wrap top I’m going to post below…lol). Her pieces are so well made, versatile, and girl, FLATTERING. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

I guess you can say I liked layering this summer…lol. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

I probably wore this $30 (or so, don’t remember how much I paid) Zara dress at least once a week this summer. I would have worn it more but I only do laundry once a week…lol. I wore this on a road trip to Dutchess County, NY (you can see videos of what I did there here). I’m wearing it with a men’s straw hat I got from Amazon and sandals from Target.

Technically this is a fall transition look that I put together for Suakoko Betty, but I shot it during the summer so it counts…lol. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

I LOVE this set. I got it for like $30 or so for BOTH pieces. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

This is me sneaking a little fall into my summer wardrobe after shopping a few items from the Zara sale this summer. I got fall items (albeit from last fall, but of course they’re still poppin) for like 50-60% off. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

Out of all the things I bought this summer, this is the only outfit I’ve only worn once. Should the weather get back up into the 80s again soon, I’ll have to pull it out again. Get outfit details and see more pics here.

So that’s that! I’m sure I left a few looks out, but we’ll live…lol. Oh, this is not related, but related—I think everyone should take outfit photos regularly. Even if you’re not a blogger. You can have your husband or little cousin or BFF snap some pics of you on your cell phone—no fancy camera needed. The reason I say this is because documenting your style can really help you figure out which silhouettes look best on you and helps elevate your self-image (I know that sounds counterproductive especially for someone who might hate having their picture taken, but keep doing it—I used to HATE having my photo taken but now I’m like “you gone get these angles”). Keep taking them even if you don’t feel like you know how to pose. You’ll get there if you keep practicing and keep taking photos. I’m not usually one for posing so I typically just prance around and have my photographer Rose catch me in my element.

All photos in this post by dadouchic

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