What to Get from the ASOS 20% off Sale (3/15-3/17) [Straight & Plus Sizes]

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Yasss it’s ASOS SALE TIME! I honestly feel like this should be celebrated with a day off from work. There is SO MUCH that goes into browsing the ASOS site and if you’re like me, you’ll scroll more times than you care to admit in the name of FOMO especially when there’s a sale. Luckily though, I’ve pre-browsed the site and picked out some items I have my eye on for you. ASOS does update their site with new items daily so make sure you come back to this post to see what I add from what they add.

Now, ASOS knows they are dead wrong for doing this sale as they are probably still having shipping delays as a result from some logistics changes they made recently (they also moved their warehouse to Atlanta—I’ve noticed that my returns are processed much faster now even though my 2-day shipping is still on the slow bop). They will eventually sort it out and I have received all the items I ordered previously, but as an ASOS fiend for nearly a decade, I know that this isn’t normal of their delivery service. I also have their premiere delivery service so I get unlimited 2-day shipping for the year. But anyway, let’s get into these things!

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This is the stuff you want to check out first especially if it’s not really in your budget right now to overhaul your entire wardrobe. These accessories are EVERYTHING! Right now I’m into cute statement bags (who needs designer when you have a clear box bag–helloooooo), hair accessories, and of course jewelry. These accessories are also cool because you can try out some really funky pieces to update your basics.

Don’t overlook small and fun items like animal print socks (and scrunchies—yessss, scrunchies!), hair scarves that look cute tied to the ends of braids or a ponytail

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Statement bras:

I used to wear the mess out of a cute ASOS bra a few years ago. I would wear low-cut tees and blouses and have my cute bra peek through and folks would ask ALL THE TIME where I got my cute bras from. I don’t wear them much now because 1. my style changed slightly where I’m wearing more layered looks and you wouldn’t be able to see my bra anyway and 2. since I gained weight, I also gained it in my boobs so those bras are kinda snug on a G…lol. But girl, getchu a piece! They make bras in a variety of sizes including fuller cups and Curve.

Statement Dresses:

Honey, ASOS does a cayute statement dress! I personally want to be outchea with all the strategically placed cut-outs and low-cut dresses, but will also look into more conservative styles as well (probably more sparingly though…lol). I also added in a few jumpsuits.

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I am HERE for a cute statement skirt (notice a pattern here with the statements?) and ASOS does them so well.

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Yeah, I know we’re a bit far from swim weather, but you have got to get a headstart on ASOS Swim. They have cute suits that range in sizes (straight, plus, fuller bust, petite, tall) and they tend to sell out quickly so get on it, boo.

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Tops, Jackets & More

Shop more dope items that you NEED right now in your wardrobe.

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What do you plan on getting from the ASOS sale? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Responses to What to Get from the ASOS 20% off Sale (3/15-3/17) [Straight & Plus Sizes]

  1. Juliette says:

    I WANT EVERYTHING!!! But I’m gonna try to limit it to a few jewelry pieces and maybe a skirt – I’ve been shopping WAY too much!
    Just wanted to say that I love you for many reasons but most of all because you never forget us plus girls! It means so so much, thank you Danielle!

    • Danielle says:

      Hey Juliette!

      OMG I need to keep my eyes closed until fall because there are toooo many cute things out! lol

      Aww thanks so much for reading! And we ALL gotta be outchea fly—fashion is for everyBODY.

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