Can’t Get Impregnated by Gnats if Your Monstera Plant is Actually a Picture

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Who here remembers when I had a whole bunch of live plants in my bedroom and then had to throw ALL of them away because I was under attack my gnats? If you haven’t, you have to check out the hilarious video I posted about which I’ll embed at the bottom of this post.

So I redid my bedroom about two years ago and have successfully maintained the renovations. Aside from some clothes I should have put away like a week ago (what, I’m extremely busy and overleveraged like you wouldn’t even understand lol) the room is looking good. I added a headboard a few months ago and just the other day while chatting with the homey Gabi, I decided to order a 20 x 28″ monstera leaf plant picture from Desenio (love them—I ordered some prints for my home office from them, too—see those here) and a 50 x 70 cm frame from IKEA. Both got here SUPER FAST—faster than I had expected and I’m surprised that I actually opened them up just as fast. The Desenio print came yesterday and the IKEA frame came about an hour ago from Fedex and I already have it opened and setup…lol. Now let’s see how long it takes me to actually get the frame on the wall :x

I will eventually hang it over my bed—something I am a little apprehensive about because I stay having Final Destination-type accidents, but I’ll push through and will have framed art over my bed and remain un-maimed, THANKYOUJESUS.

(pillowcases were from H&M Home from last year)


Headboard: Target
Print: Desenio (20 x 28″ in)
Frame: IKEA (50 x 60 cm—it fits the print perfectly when you take the mat out)

Check out these videos!

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