Loving Right Now: Rattan/Wicker Accessories

Yes, summer is the season for straw bags, but this season it’s also about the rattan/wicker accessories, too! I’ve recently become a bit obsessive over the trend and like with most things, had to share it with you ;)

I started to dabble my feet into the trend a year or two when I logged into the Nordstrom app and a pair of GORGEOUS half-moon rattan earrings from Cult Gaia were staring at me. I clicked on those suckers so fast and clicked OFF so fast after seeing the $100+ price tag. No ma’am. I ordered a knockoff from Amazon, but hadn’t had a chance to rock it yet. Fast forward to me breaking them out about a week ago and on a regular browsing of accessories, I found a ton of cute pieces to share.

Shop the look

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The shoes from the main image are linked in the shoe widget below. The half-moon earrings are from Amazon (click on the Ark option) and the hoops are from Forever 21 but I couldn’t find a link online.





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