Stylish Mini Bags You’ll Want to Carry All Summer!

This summer we are going to be dainty and carry only our most necessary items in cute mini bags. The other day I met a friend for dinner and waltzed around Manhattan with a darling little lime mini bag I got from Topshop and it felt so amazing to not only be able to fit my wallet, sunglasses, glosses, gum, and inhaler in there without it popping open, but it felt even greater to not have to carry anything else but that bag. You should have seen my arms swinging around with the freedom…lol.

Now this bag I’m holding in these photos is actually a gift I got from a skincare brand (they had it filled with sunscreen products—too cute!) so I don’t know where they got it from, but similar ones will be linked for you to shop below. You can get all other outfit and beauty details in this post.

Shop mini bags for summer

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