Fumi x Juvia’s Place The Queen Collection Review & Swatches

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Listen, if you have never watched a Fumi Désalu-Vold Youtube video, I’m gonna need you to stop what you’re doing (after your read this post down to the bottom…lol) and go watch one of her videos. I had come across Fumi’s channel when I did my round-up post of 70+ Youtube Makeup Gurus with Dark Skin. While I’ve had this blog since 2007, I only started uploading to my Youtube channel regularly in 2015 and only started watching videos regularly in like 2016 BUT I would mostly watch The Walking Dead theory videos (I’m a nerd, so what? lol). Now I watch Youtube like it’s TV and bingewatched a ton of Fumi’s videos last month. I don’t know what took me so long, but I’m at least happy I got to watch her videos: HER. ENERGY. IS. EVERYTHING. From the full-on diva intros, to her infectious laugh, to her positive spirit, to her cute son Adrian who you can sometimes hear in the background along with her PA and husband, Ole to her GORGEOUS makeup looks, I AM FULLY HOOKED.

At a time where I’m so happy to see so many makeup gurus (especially those of color) hit milestone numbers when it comes to their following, I’m also proud of those of us with moderate followings making strides. I watched Fumi’s video where she explained what this collab means to her being a woman who started a Youtube channel when she was in her 40s and had her first child at 50. I’m so happy to see how the influencer industry, though it has its faults, make so many dreams come true.

Now let’s get into this makeup…

Two years ago, Juvia’s Place founder Chichi Eburu approached Fumi for the brand’s first ever influencer collab collection. True to Fumi’s style, the collab features a palette with bold, rich colors and two full coverage glosses.

Fumi x Juvia’s The Queen Palette

$15 at juviasplace.com

This palette is basically telling you to go bold or go home, boo. Now when a palette is a collab with a person, you can obviously expect the colors and textures to be heavily inspired by that person’s personal style. Shoot, give me a palette collab and you BEST BELIEVE that joint is going to be filled with all my fave colors…lol. If you watch Fumi’s channel (which I highly suggest you do), you’ll know that this is a very Fumi palette. It’s a great size (and price) if you’re someone who already has a decent palette stash but wants to add some fun colors in the mix. I love how pigmented and smooth each shade is from the mattes to the shimmers. When working with bold colored matte shades like these, a white eyeshadow base (i.e. NYX Jumbo White Pencil or the new Anastasia primer) will give you the truest color on your eyes as you see it in the palette. And if you’re looking for maximum color payoff, pat the colors down and layer them on the lids with a flat eyeshadow brush and then gently blend. Check out my demo video below to see that in action.

Fumi x Juvia’s Video Demo:

(there’s no sound on the video, so feel free to watch from almost anywhere)

Fumi x Juvia's Demo (No Sound) from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

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Fumi x Juvia’s The Queen Gloss

$10 each at juviasplace.com

There are two glosses in this collection, Royalty, a warm beige nude, and Fumi, a deep radiant plum. These are not colors I would typically gravitate towards, but I found the gloss formula to be right up my alley. I love how full coverage and non-sticky the glosses are. While I do like to layer lip colors to get a beautiful custom color, I only do this with colors that I would also wear on their own (aside from toppers like clear glosses with metallic or shimmery finishes of which I only own one…lol). Royalty is a unique shade that I personally don’t see often—but if you’re someone who likes to create your own lip combos, this might be all you, sis. Fumi is a beautiful shade, but darker lip colors tend to wash me out (I can wear them, but would typically need to add more color to my face to balance). I do absolutely love the formula of these glosses, so if they came out with more shades, I’d be all on them. Getting the glosses or not would come down to personal color preference.

You can get the full collection (palette, both glosses, and a makeup bag) for $50 at juviasplace.com

This is a beautiful collection not only in product, but also what it stands for, and although I’ve only been watching Fumi’s channel for a short time (btw, did ya’ll know she’s also an actress and was on ABC’s Ugly Betty?!?!), I am immensely proud that such a gorgeous, energetic, and positive person has an opportunity like this. Ya’ll make sure you go support my girl!

Would you get anything from Fumi x Juvia’s? Tell me in the comments!


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