Fly Fall Leather Jackets for Fall

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These random 90 degree days are trying to distract us from living our best fall fashion lives. I already put away my summer clothes and here we go with 90 degree weather on October 1st and 2nd. The weather will be cooling down again by tomorrow—but can we even trust that? I just need it to stay in the 50s and 60s until spring/summer rolls back around next year…lol. Until then, we have leather jackets to consider…

I love nothing more than a good leather jacket. It can instantly take the most basic outfit to new levels. Today I’ll highlight a few key leather jacket styles to keep your eyes on along with some shopping options. But if a shiny new leather jacket (or pleather, because heyyyyy) isn’t in your budget, don’t fret! This is a style that is fun to thrift and you might even find something waaaaay cooler than what you could afford in the stores.

The Aviator/Shearling

This is on my shopping list. Trying to decide which extreme level of aviation I want and then I always have the issue of having to find a good one in tall sizes so that the sleeves cover my wrists. I’ll likely browse the men’s section for a good one though like I typically do when I want a good jacket with my proper length requirements.

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The Biker

Rather than playing it safe with the typical black moto or biker jacket, instead go for fun colors, prints, or textures (or all three rolled into one if you can take it lol).

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The Trench

Gotta love the sophisticated mystery one gets when wearing a trench. Cinching at the waist adds a sleek silhouette that emphasizes the waist.

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  1. Georgia Fortune says:

    I am hERE for the shearling….I enjoyed this article

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