I Tried the Urban Decay On the Run Mini Palettes So You Don’t Have to…

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Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

urban decay on the run mini palettes

When I first eyeballed the Urban Decay On the Run mini palettes (Highway Queen and G Train), I knew they wouldn’t be great palettes for darker skin, but a simple: “Aye yo, don’t buy that!” wouldn’t make me an efficient beauty blogger…lol. So instead here’s this quick, but more detailed than a single sentence post about why you should probably bypass them.

Now the original FULL Urban Decay On the Run Palette? THAT is bomb and I’d still have mine had I not been so heavy on my curated makeup stash. I got it in PR and reviewed it here, but just because products are amazing, doesn’t mean they need to take up space in my small makeup collection.

But these minis? No ma’am.

I’ve never really seen an Urban Decay mini palette that I thought was worth the money for deeper skin. They seem to always include light colored nudes that wind up looking chalky on dark skin. Same thing with Highway Queen and G Train.

Now skipping a shadow or two in a palette isn’t unheard of—but when you have a muuuuch smaller palette like this one, skipping a shadow or two is like a big portion of the palette.

The performance of the shadows aren’t in question here, I’ve tried enough Urban Decay eyeshadows to know they make good eyeshadows, but there aren’t enough great shades in these for darker skin tones. PASSSSSS

urban decay on the run mini palettes highway queen swatches dark skin
Highway Queen

urban decay on the run mini palettes
G Train

If you’re REALLY looking for mini palettes, I’d definitely look at the Huda Beauty Obsessions and Nude Obsessions ones (also shop them in the widget below). I tried to ignore the Huda Beauty shadows for as long as possible, but sheesh those things are nice…lol.

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Watch me rank the eyeshadows in my personal stash in the video below:

Have you tried the Urban Decay On the Run mini palettes? Tell me about it in the comments!

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