Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Colorful Sweater + Pleated Skirt (Warm But Cute)

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Happy Wednesday, y’all! It’s time for another Fashion at Work outfit inspo post! Quick reminder that I do try to take into account that I have an audience that spans the globe and I try to alternate with looks that work in different climates as well as for different office dress codes. Not every look is going to be for everybody—so you may need to tweak things so they work for your individual situation. You can also browse my work outfit ideas archives for something that may work better for you.

Got it? Good!

This look is something I want to wear RIGHT NOW! I looooove colorful sweaters paired with skirts and of course the coat speaks to my soul. As a matter of fact, this look is partly inspired by a look I put together with some items I got in from Rent the Runway that I plan on shooting this weekend. If all goes well, you’ll see it here on the blog soon…lol. I also plan on posting a Rent the Runway vs Express’ new clothing rental service (Express Style Trial) when I have had some time to try them both out. I’ve tried Rent the Runway a number of times, I just need a little time to try Express Style Trial and I’ll give you the scoop.

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Note: a lot of times the items used in the platform I use to create these outfits are either super expensive or things that are no longer available for sale. I’ll include similar items to purchase in the widget, but the idea of these posts is more to inspire vs selling the exact item. As always, I also include some plus size options.

In this case, none of the items pictured are available. The coat is Delfi Collective, the sweater is Missoni, the skirt is Gig, and the boots were on The Real Real if you were curious.

Don’t forget to use the arrows to scroll through all options in the widget.

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