Wear this to Work Tomorrow: All Brown Everything

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I looked this up—I haven’t done one of these posts since April 2018. I recently decided to bring it back and then quickly realized why I stopped doing it in the first place: the platform I used to create the outfits, Polyvore, was shutdown back in 2018.

So I’m trying this again with a new platform, but we’ll see. The main thing I need is clothing on a transparent background—can’t use items a model is wearing because it makes it hard to create an outfit. Also please note that a lot of times the items used in these type of platforms are either super expensive or things that are no longer available for sale. I’ll include similar items to purchase in the widget, but the idea of these posts is more to inspire vs selling the exact item. As always, I also include plus size options.

Hopefully this makes sense. People really loved this series and it’s a lot easier for me to create than it would be for me personally to get dressed in work clothes (that I don’t own…lol) and have my photo taken.

Also, if you feel compelled to buy anything, I’d appreciate you using my links and widget here in this post. I get a small commission when you do.

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7 Responses to Wear this to Work Tomorrow: All Brown Everything

  1. Lina says:

    Yay!!! So glad you brought this back! I don’t even work in corporate anymore, but it’s still so inspiring. Love the earth tones. How do you feel about strong shoulders/shoulder accents for people with broad shoulders? I love the look of adding detail to the shoulder, but I feel like its too much…lol.

  2. Claudette Morgan Gray says:

    Love it.

  3. MrsTRJHunter says:

    I joined your blog years ago because of this series. So happy you’re bringing it back!!!

  4. P says:

    I’m glad this feature is back! Thanks for all your posts.

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